NIGHTWING #25 by Tim Seeley, Minkyu Jung, and Chris Sotomayor
NIGHTWING #25 is a fantastic milestone issue of this incredible run by Tim Seeley. With great art by Minkyu Jung, #25 succeeds in honoring the legacy of this great character while delivering a riveting story. Any fan who loves classic Nightwing will surely love this issue.
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Many of DC Rebirth’s comic runs have reached their 25-issue milestone. NIGHTWING #25 is both a riveting story as well as a celebration of this new iteration of Dick Grayson. In this “Extra-Sized Anniversary Issue,” we see Nightwing consolidate his place as protector of Blüdhaven.

NIGHTWING #25 page 19. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

As the end of the “Blockbuster” arc, this issue feels like a complete victory lap for the great creative team, which includes writer Tim Seeley and artist Minkyu Jung. Seeley has so effectively re-established Nightwing within DC continuity, and NIGHTWING #25 is further proof that he’s a fantastic fit for this character.

Defender of The Blüd

In NIGHTWING #25, the reader can truly feel how much Seeley and Jung get the character of Dick Grayson. In the last issue, we had an amazing showcase of Dick’s skill as a fighter. This issue opens, in stark contrast, with Nightwing trying to save the supervillains that he just defeated from an explosion.

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This is a great representation of the character. While Nightwing’s physical prowess rivals that of Batman, the qualities that make him a standout character are his good nature and kindness. Nightwing has always been a combination of Batman with his war against crime and Superman with his sense of hope. Seeley understands this in his writing. In this “Blockbuster” arc, Dick has been struggling with two primary issues. Firstly, he has had difficulty balancing his life as Dick Grayson with his role as Nightwing. Then, as Dick Grayson, he’s been questioning whether Nightwing should even be the hero of Blüdhaven.

To exemplify these issues, Seeley has reintroduced Nightwing’s classic foe, Blockbuster. Symbolically (and literally), Blockbuster, unlike Dick, can easily transition between his life as Roland Desmond and his “super” form. Dick, meanwhile has had such difficulty adjusting to being both Dick Grayson and Nightwing. Blockbuster claims to be a better hero for Blüdhaven. And there’s a part of Dick that believes him.

I predicted in my review of NIGHTWING #23 that Blockbuster could establish another great dynamic with Dick in Seeley’s run. I’m happy to say I predicted something correctly for once. NIGHTWING #25 marks Blockbuster’s return as Nightwing’s greatest villain. I can’t wait to see these characters fight for supremacy in Blüdhaven over the next arcs.

Other Characters in NIGHTWING #25

NIGHTWING #25 page. 23. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Shawn Tsang continues to be a highlight of every NIGHTWING issue. Interestingly, she has a smaller part in this issue. This makes sense because Dick has been prioritizing his part role of Nightwing over his role as Dick Grayson in this installment. In doing so, he’s left Shawn by herself the last couple of issues. You truly feel Shawn’s frustration with Dick in this installment. He’s someone she deeply loves, but she’s unsure whether Dick actually wants to have a life with her or whether he wants to fight crime forever. Dating a superhero is hard, and Seeley delivers a great example of this perpetual dilemma in comics.

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Tiger Shark also returns in this issue, but it’s clear that he wasn’t the threat that we thought he was. Instead, he’s left crying over his destroyed boat and trying to retain control over his operation. It’s clear that while Tiger Shark was the main villain of this arc, the focus was much more on Dick, Shawn, and Desmond. This comic does hint more and more at Tiger Shark’s employers, the Second Hand. Hopefully, we will find out what the Second Hand is in the next Nightwing arc!

Jung Proves Himself

It was a really interesting choice to have Minkyu Jung, instead of Miguel Mendonca, as the artist for this 25th issue. Yet, after this issue, I think that Jung is a great addition to the NIGHTWING team. If I were to summarize the strengths of his art, I’d say Jung is particularly great at drawing action and characters.

With action, Jung doesn’t have to draw intense energy beams or powers for NIGHTWING. Instead, he draws incredibly fast-paced acrobatics and movements. Additionally, he can expertly capture how Blockbuster’s violent, brutish style differs from the more graceful Nightwing’s. An action sequence is always a delight to see with Jung drawing it.

NIGHTWING #25 page 15. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Then there’s the way he draws characters. Jung draws his characters with such emotion and personality that you can easily connect with them. This is the reason that Nightwing’s relationships with characters like Blockbuster and Shawn are so great. Not only can you relate to the dialogue Seeley is writing, but you can also connect to the visuals of the characters. I desperately hope Jung stays on Seeley’s run because, at this point, he truly captures Mendonca’s art style.

In Conclusion

If you’ve liked everything before in this NIGHTWING run, you will definitely enjoy this installment. Over 25 issues, Tim Seeley has transformed Dick Grayson back into the kind-hearted, masked vigilante we all love. At the end of NIGHTWING #25, I felt like we had completed Nightwing’s “rebirth” as Blüdhaven’s defender. I can’t wait to see where Seeley goes next with this fantastic run.

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