NIGHTWING #23 by Tim Seeley, Miguel Mendonca, and Chris Sotomayor
NIGHTWING #24 is jam-packed with intense action sequences mixed with noteworthy character development. Tim Seeley develops all the characters into well-rounded individuals who are fascinating to read. The artwork by Miguel Mendonca is eye-catching and imaginative. All in all, this is a great issue which leaves the reader wanting more.
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At the end of NIGHTWING #23, the situation seemed bleak for our titular hero. Blockbuster’s intel of a dirty cop within Blüdhaven’s police force led Nightwing to a submarine. On the sub, he finds himself surrounded by Tiger Shark’s men! In NIGHTWING #24, Nightwing has to fight his way through the gauntlet of villains in order to get off the sub alive. Nightwing talks to Blockbuster just before he makes it out, and he learns what kind of hero Blüdhaven needs.

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NIGHTWING #24 opens with Nightwing giving his tech whiz friend (and former Run-Off) Gizmo a call for help. After Nightwing brings him up to speed on the situation, Gizmo is able to direct our hero towards the exit of the submarine. Meanwhile, Shawn is venting to Mouse (another former Run-off) about Dick’s harsh words at the Haven Center from the previous issue. As Mouse tries to comfort her, a former enemy appears before the women. To Mouse’s surprise, Shawn invited this villain to come! Back on the submarine, Nightwing grows tired of fighting his way through the group of villains. Eventually, he makes it past them all, only to be face to face with Blockbuster. Blockbuster claims that Blüdhaven doesn’t need an outsider as its protector, which makes Nightwing question his role as a hero. After that, the issue concludes with both a literal and metaphorical bang.

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Uncertainty = Excitement

In NIGHTWING #24, writer Tim Seeley has Nightwing utilizing the skills Batman taught him while also adding his own unique strategies. While Batman would usually strike hard and disorient his opponents with the use of technology, Nightwing talks with his enemies to throw them off guard and survey the area at the same time. As for Seeley’s characterization of Blockbuster, it is phenomenal. Blockbuster appears to be on Nightwing’s side then he is with Tiger Shark. Ultimately, Blockbuster is only on his own side. This uncertainty surrounding Blockbuster’s loyalties makes him unpredictable.

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Speaking of uncertainty, it is unclear where Shawn’s storyline will take her. NIGHTWING #24 featured a brief yet significant plot point to Shawn’s arc. In the previous issue, she had a conversation with Dick in which he confronted her about anger dictating her decisions. Now, combined with the return of a former enemy, Shawn’s future is up in the air. Between the stress of the budget cuts and her relationship with Dick on the rocks, Shawn may return to the simpler life of a villain. This uncertainty is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Shawn and Dick’s relationship may become stronger, or she might go towards a dark path.

NIGHTWING #24 Features Awesome Action!

The major highlight of NIGHTWING #24 would definitely have to be the action. Practically 80% of this issue involves Nightwing fighting several villains while constantly moving throughout the sub. Artist Miguel Mendonca clearly put in a tremendous amount of work drawing these action scenes. It must have been difficult to illustrate interesting and creative ways for Nightwing to take down his enemies while also advancing towards the exit. For example, Nightwing cleverly leads a villain who uses sonic waves to disorient his opponents down a hallway with reflective mirrors. The sonic waves bounce off the mirrors to take down another demonic creature who follows Nightwing.

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To summarize, writer Tim Seeley crafts a fast paced story with a ton of action and character development. Artist Miguel Mendonca really shows his prowess in the way he moves the action along throughout the issue. NIGHTWING #24 is a fantastic continuation of the “Blockbuster” arc, leaving the reader speechless and ready for the next issue.

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