nightwing #23
NIGHTWING #23 By Tim Seeley, Minkyu Jung, and Chris Sotomayor
NIGHTWING #23 beautifully captures its characters, both new and old. Seeley continues a compelling story dissecting the character of Dick Grayson while the artist has shifted to Minkyu Jung to great success
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Emotional and Exciting
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Nightwing continues to uncover a secret operation within Blüdhaven. Between this chaos, our hero is visited by a new iteration of an old enemy. The running theme throughout NIGHTWING #23 continues to be the titular character’s struggle to discover what place he wants Dick Grayson to have in Blüdhaven. Meanwhile, an enigmatic new threat emerges from the shadows.

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The newest iteration of Blockbuster, Roland Desmond, meets with Nightwing. He requests Dick’s aid in dealing with the smuggler Tiger Shark. Desmond confirms that advanced alien technologies are being released into poorer neighborhoods of Blüdhaven. As a result, chaotic gang warfare has emerged across Blüdhaven. Nightwing hustles to combat these threats spilling onto his city’s streets while trying to uncover the smuggling operation. Meanwhile, Dick deals with his girlfriend, Shawn Tsang, who urges him to define his personal life.

Building Those Relationships in NIGHTWING #23

Dick Grayson came to Blüdhaven with a single vow that he wouldn’t let tragedy define him. Yet Dick is surrounded by tragedies and complications which are beautifully exemplified in his relationship with Shawn. Seeley shows that, while these two people have a strong and vibrant love for each other, their relationship is anything but simple. As a reader, you understand why each person feels an attraction to the other. However, you also understand why conflict may occur. In this way, their relationship feels incredibly real and, because of that, it’s very captivating to read about.

NIGHTWING #23 page 13. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

As for Blockbuster, his introduction has been great. He has potential to become one of the more interesting characters in this Nightwing run. We learn that this isn’t Mark Desmond, the original Blockbuster, but his brother, Roland.  His motives are unclear, but his keen intelligence matched with his ability to control his powers make him a unique version of this character. Seeley has written great characters to play off of Dick Grayson’s humor and chivalrous nature, such as Raptor and Shawn. Hopefully, Blockbuster will continue this pattern.

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The big bad in this arc seems to be Tiger Shark. He’s had many interpretations in the comics but is nowhere near as iconic as Blockbuster. This allows Seeley to play with this character which will be interesting as the smuggler has remained very enigmatic through these first two issues. The introduction of Tiger Shark also hints at stories to come.  The comic mentions a mysterious threat known as the Second Hand supplying the smuggler with his gear.

Shifting Artists, Consistent Art

The artist has changed once again from last week, and this week it is Minkyu Jung. He proves to be a great replacement for both Mendonca and Fernandez.  His vivid shading and colorful panels are a perfect representation of Dick Grayson’s character. Jung also had no problem drawing explosive action, as he did in Nightwing’s fight with a robot doll.

NIGHTWING #23 page 9. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

In Conclusion

NIGHTWING #23 continues to introduce new elements into this run.  It includes a compelling version of Blockbuster, great action, and powerful emotional sequences. Despite the shifts in artists, the art continues to be impressive and perfect for the Nightwing character. Above all else, I found myself swept once again into the life of Dick Grayson. For those who love this character, you would be remiss to miss out on NIGHTWING #23!

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