Humor and horror is a popular mixture, but in NICO’S FORTUNE livens up the genre in a frightfully good way.

After launching their Kickstarter, writer Ryan King and illustrator Daryl Toh hope to reach their goal of $6,225 by June 8, 2017, and have the comic ready by Fall 2017. The creators describe the comic as a mix of “Alfred Hitchcock’s REAR WINDOW, the campy 80’s horror flick FRIGHT NIGHT, and the Seth Rogen/Zac Efron comedy NEIGHBORS.”

The story follows a pair of newlyweds, Beth and Laura, who’ve just moved into their new home near a frat house with their strange cat, Nico. But Nico isn’t the only strange thing in their lives. NICO’S FORTUNE is, first and foremost, a horror comic, but not of the vampire or zombie variety. Instead, the comic deals with an original antagonist, which will surprise readers as the story progresses. Of course, the horror comic genre has many great titles with traditional monsters, like THE WALKING DEAD, but it’s always nice to see some new nightmare fuel.

The creators haven’t given many details about the antagonists, but judging from the Kickstarter video and preview panels, fear of the dark seems to play a big role in the comic. My guess is that Nico can see these shadowy specters, and it’s not long until his owners can too.

Excerpt from NICO’S FORTUNE

Reliable Creators

This comic isn’t King and Toh’s first time writing horror. Their previous project, THE GAMES WE PLAYED, is another chilling comic that will thrill horror fans just as well. So it’s safe to assume their newest project will turn the creepy up a notch!

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However, even though the plot itself is intriguing, the representation in the comic is the best reason to support it. Beth and Laura are queer women, and you don’t see a lot of queer women in the horror genre in general — especially as the main protagonists. The horror genre has a lot of baggage when it comes to objectifying women rather than using them as subjects. Extending LGBTQ+ representation into such a traditionally restrictive genre will help it grow in the future.

Excerpt from NICO’S FORTUNE

Support Diversity by Supporting NICO’S FORTUNE

Even if you don’t have much money to spare, you can get a digital copy of NICO’S FORTUNE for just $5. But if you want a beautiful new book to add to your shelf, the printed version is a steal at $10. The physical copy will be oversized with 40 fully colored pages. There’s even a tier for backers who want signed copies of THE GAMES WE PLAYED as well as this comic.

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Aside from actually printing it, the comic is finished. By using Kickstarter, Toh and King can create work independently and control their own creative process. Backing independent creators is the best way to support the work you really want to see on shelves. And a horror comic featuring queer female leads is definitely something the world needs more of!

Learn more about NICO’S FORTUNE and back the comic here. The Kickstarter ends June 8, 2017!

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