This weekend at Five Points Festival in NYC, I had a chance to chat with Nick Spencer. The comic world took notice when Nick Spencer debuted his first ongoing series with Image Comics. Fans and critics alike loved MORNING GLORIES, a series about six students who enter an elite boarding school where they encounter boundless mystery and the supernatural. He currently writes THE FIX for Image, a crime comedy where the main star is a drug-sniffing beagle named Pretzels.  Spencer grabbed headlines again when he became the writer for both CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS and CAPTAIN AMERICA: SAM WILSON. The shocking twist at the end of STEVE ROGERS issue #1 revealing Rogers as a HYDRA member got everyone talking. The intrigue only continued when Marvel announced their summer event book, SECRET EMPIRE. SECRET EMPIRE pitted Steve Rogers as the head of Hydra against the entire Marvel hero pantheon.

Nick Spencer Pulls Back the Curtain on SECRET EMPIRE!

Podcast Episode 94: Captain America and Secret Empire

It shouldn’t be a surprise that such a storyline would be controversial. However, the ongoing level of heated debate between comic fans and professionals alike put Spencer in the middle of it all. With two official issues of the main story released, Marvel recently announced that the series will run for ten issues. A master of suspense, Spencer filled SECRET EMPIRE with enough twists and turns to keep every reader on their toes. We got a chance to hear from Spencer himself about the fan reaction, how he creates his characters, and what’s next in SECRET EMPIRE. Despite the controversy, there’s no denying Spencer’s talent or boldness, and his work demands us to stand up and take notice. Be sure to keep an eye out on SECRET EMPIRE, the most talked about book this season. It’s definitely being written by the most talked about writer!

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