ComicsVerse got the chance to talk with Nick Derington at NYCC 2017. Derington talks, DC’s DOOM PATROL, comic art, and Mister Miracle! Nick Derington, who was kind enough to talk to CV creates art from his home in Texas, and we were fortunate enough to get a glimpse into the day-to-day life of Nick Derington. You can find Derington on Twitter and Instagram!



ComicsVerse’s New York Comic Con Coverage

ComicsVerse: In the last year, you’ve had DOOM PATROL coming out, and you guys have done almost two volumes of it already. You’re on your second volume right now, and you’re doing “Miracle Man” covers. What has this last year been like for you, doing all this?

Nick Derington: Oh man for me it’s been nuts. Before “Doom Patrol” I was done with comics. I had moved on to illustration and all these other things and animation and whatnot. Then I get this call from Gerard and Shelley Bond to work on this project. I had to think long and hard like, “Alright, do I want to get back into the comic book game because it’s a wild ride.” Yeah, it’s been an honor to play with these beloved characters and help reinvent them and guide them into new lives. It’s been fun.

ComicsVerse: “Doom Patrol” has the most bizarre concepts out there, what has been most challenging for you?

Nick Derington: Oh gosh. Meeting expectations maybe? Or trying to go beyond expectations? There’s such a history to it, it’s from the 60’s. I love the original 60’s “Doom Patrol” a lot, and so that was my touchstone. Then the Morrison stuff is so beloved by the fans. Then having Gerard and I try to do our new version of it, we knew that we were going to be compared to those classic runs. I’m like, “Alright.” We had to put our heads down and charge forward like, “Alright, let’s find a new weird and put our hearts into this.”

ComicsVerse: Is there a specific character that you love drawing or that you would love to include into the book sometime soon?

Nick Derington: Oh gosh, yeah. That’s the funny thing, the “Doom Patrol” comic as it is, we have so many. I think there’s like twelve members already.

ComicsVerse: The fact that you even have Flex already in it, is crazy.

Nick Derington: Yeah, I can run down the list. It’s Flex, Fug, Casey, Jane, Cliff, Larry, Lucius, Lucius’ dad, Lucius’ Mom; they’re all kind of sort of part of the team now. Even Lucius’ grandma is going to be involved in the nonsense. I’ve got Lotion the Cat. We’ve got-

ComicsVerse: Lotion the Cat’s so cool.


Nick Derington: Yeah, we have a million characters, and we also have plans for more coming out in this arc. Yeah, it’s going to be nuts. Yes, everything’s going to be included.

ComicsVerse: Nice.

Nick Derington: It’s going to be nuts.

ComicsVerse: Since you’re based out of Austin, what’s it like, the writing process, between you and Gerard?

Nick Derington: It’s awesome. Gerard writes out a full script, but I’ll also send notes and we kind of brainstorm beforehand. It’s a real squishy process. Then we also just text each other all day long.

ComicsVerse: Oh, nice.

Nick Derington: I’ll be drawing a character, and I’ll be like, “Should the eyes look like this or like this?” Take a picture, text it to him, “Like that.” You know?
It will also go the other way, too. I’m like, “You know this scene where Cliff is saying this? I don’t think that feels right. How about he does something more along these lines?” He’s like, “Oh that does fix that.”

ComicsVerse: That’s cool.

Nick Derington: We’re constantly trying to fix each other’s problems.

ComicsVerse: Real flexible and everything.

Nick Derington: Yeah, it feels like we’re just jamming on this stuff. It’s great.

ComicsVerse: What’s your thought process whenever you start a new book, a new series?

Nick Derington: Oh gosh, each issue is so big and dense, packed with ideas. Yeah, I get the script, I start laying it out, trying to figure out the visuals that I need to hit. There’s always a new character it feels like, so there’s a design process.
The world changes so fast in “Doom Patrol” so I’m having to design all these sets and vehicles. Yeah, it’s a lot of designing new stuff constantly. We don’t stick around the same places too often.

ComicsVerse: Who are some of your larger influences as an artist?

Nick Derington: Gosh, growing up in high school I was really trying to pin down the way I wanted to draw my biggest art heroes were probably Moose Tim and Mike Alred.

ComicsVerse: Nice.

Nick Derington: Those kind of cartoony but serious kind of vibes to them. As you grow as an artist, you get obsessed with new people every other week. It’s a world full of amazing artists to obsess on. It’s great.

ComicsVerse: Regarding amazing artists, what attracts you so much to Jack Kirby and the “Fourth World”?

Nick Derington: Well, gosh, Jack Kirby, he’s a comic book god at this point.

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Nick Derington: He’s the reason we’re all in this convention. There would be no superhero world without Jack Kirby almost. His history with DC and him creating the “Fourth World” and all those crazy books and characters, if you get a chance to ever read those, they’re awesome and crazy and bonkers.

ComicsVerse: Even today’s standards, yeah.

Nick Derington: Yeah. It’s our job as creators to try to make sense of all that. He gives us the building blocks, and we’re taking it and building stuff with it and making sense of it all and trying to find patterns and ideas within it all.

ComicsVerse: Cool. If you take over one book right now, what would you take on?

Nick Derington: Gosh, I mean the cliché answer is everyone’s got a Batman story.

ComicsVerse: Oh your Batman’s awesome too, by the way, yeah I would love to see your Batman in a book.

Nick Derington: It’s weird, in the last couple of years, I have two young kids, and the older I get, the more I become obsessed with Superman. This paternal figure and it makes more and more sense as you get older, in a funny way. Yeah, Superman would be fun to try to crack at some point.
The weird answer would probably be, Challengers of the Unknown might be kind of fun.

ComicsVerse: Oh that would be great. That’s would be so great for you to draw.

Nick Derington: A weird adventure book like that.

ComicsVerse: Is there anything upcoming that you’re doing that you can still talk to us about?

Nick Derington: Just “Doom Patrol” all the time.

ComicsVerse: Then your “Miracle Man” covers?

Nick Derington: Then with the “Mr. Miracle” that keeps me very, very, very busy.

ComicsVerse:  Awesome. That pretty much takes care of everything that I had to ask you, man. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with ComicsVerse!

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