Next week on ARROWVERSE will see Supergirl dealing with a mind-wiped Alex and super drugs, Argus reinstating the Ghost Initiative, and Team Flash exploring the depths of their minds. Read on to see what’s coming soon!


This week on ARROWVERSE, SUPERGIRL saw Kara struggling to keep her secret identity a secret from Colonel Haley. While she succeeds, it does come with a cost. Everyone at the DEO had to have their memories of Kara being Supergirl wiped from their minds. This includes Alex, which is particularly hard on Kara. So, while Alex still knows Kara as her sister, she has no memory or knowledge that she’s Supergirl.

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Next week on ARROWVERSE’s SUPERGIRL will give us more information about Nia Nahl and her family. The episode, titled “Blood Memory”, will also see Alex and the DEO dealing with a new drug on the street with some dangerous side effects. It turns its takers highly aggressive and also gives them temporary superpowers. It will be interesting to see Alex interacting with either Kara or Supergirl, not knowing they are in face one and the same. This new drug could also cause problems for Lena Luthor and her current experiments. If this drug isn’t, in fact, a part of her experiments gone wrong, it will certainly turn several people off to the idea of giving more people powers, making her work even more controversial than its already going to be.

The episode’s promo pretty much just focuses on Alex and her mind wipe. Kara questions whether or not the wipe will have consequences. As the promo continues, that certainly seems to be the Alex. She seems flustered and confused, saying that it’s like a part of her is missing..which is true. Several moments and events from her most healthy and important relationship are now gone. It will be interesting to see what happens as a result.


How fitting is it that the episode following the reveal of Emiko is called “Past Sins?” It feels like a callback to ARROW season 1, when all Oliver was focused on was fixing his father’s past sins. And here we are again, 6 seasons later, with Oliver still having to atone for his father’s mistakes.

So how will Oliver aim to fix his father’s problems next week on ARROWVERSE? Well, the synopsis doesn’t give us too many hints. “The past comes back to haunt both Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Laurel (Katie Cassidy). Curtis (Echo Kellum) gets upset when he discovers that Diggle (David Ramsey) and Lyla (Guest Star Audrey Marie Anderson) are resuming The Ghost Initiative with Diaz (Guest Star Kirk Acevedo), China White (Guest Star Kelly Hu), Kane Wolfman (Guest Star Liam Hall) and Carrie Cutter (Guest Star Amy Gumenick).” I would guess that Oliver’s haunting past refers to what his dad did, but how does Laurel factor in? And are we talking about the old Laurel who died or new, reformed Laurel?

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To be honest, the part that most excites me is the reemergence of the Ghost Initiative. I always was intrigued by all of those old villains working together. This time around, there’s even more at stake because we know what Diaz can and will do if he ever escapes. A.R.G.U.S., and by extension Lyla and Diggle, will do what they have to as a way to keep everyone safe, but I can’t blame Curtis for being upset. In fact, I’m sure that his reaction is only a fraction of how Felicity would react if she ever found out.

So, if you missed broody Oliver, it looks like this will be the perfect episode for that version of him to reemerge.


This week’s episode of THE FLASH saw Barry dealing with his rage after Cicada injures Nora. Barry just barely resisted his rage and anger, as he nearly killed Cicada near the end of the episode. His anger almost consumed him, just as Cicada’s anger has consumed him.

Titled, “Memorabilia”, next week on ARROWVERSE’s THE FLASH will see Sherloque wanting to use a machine on Nora and Barry so that Team Flash can access Grace’s memories. Meanwhile, the synopsis also says that Ralph will be tricking Cisco into taking a night off and hitting the town.

While the synopsis doesn’t give us much, the promo sheds some better light as to what we might expect. Essentially, the machine will send Barry and Nora into an INCEPTION-type scenario where they can travel through and witness their own brainwaves and memories. The promo reveals that this might be problematic for Nora as she still has those secrets she’s been keeping. Near the end of the episode, we hear Nora saying that her dad can’t see her memories. The promo ends with a fearsome shot of the Reverse-Flash, whom Nora has currently been seeing in secret in the future.

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So far, we know that Thawne has been helping Nora towards some sort of goal. He claims to have the desire to right his wrongs. He’s currently imprisoned, and a mysterious timer has been counting down. Apparently, he doesn’t have much time left. There has to be some sort of ulterior motive because c’mon…it’s the Reverse-Flash. Hopefully, we’ll know more about their secret team-up after next week’s episode.

Which show are you most excited for next week? All of them? Let us know in the comments below.

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