By Kevin Erdmann and Ben Wasserman

New seasons and series of the ARROWVERSE are back on the CW. That means your weekly breakdown and look towards what’s next is back with our Next Week on ARROWVERSE series. In this post, we look at what’s ahead for new series BATWOMAN, sibling rivalry in SUPERGIRL, interesting allegories in BLACK LIGHTING, and a looming Crisis on THE FLASH.

BATWOMAN: A New Knight Emerges

This week on ARROWVERSE sees the premiere of BATWOMAN, the CW’s next superhero series to join their multiverse of heroes. In a Gotham City that has been missing Batman for three years, Bruce Wayne’s cousin Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) discover his secret and assumes the mantle of the Bat in his absence.

The premiere comes across as a little rushed, combining character introductions, Kate’s discovery of Batman, herself becoming Batwoman, and explorations into Kate’s backstory and motivations all in one episode. However, the series does show promise and I definitely want to see more.

Image from CW

Here’s the synopsis for next week on ARROWVERSE’s BATWOMAN: Jacob Kane and the Crows up the stakes, most likely to go after the new villain Alice. Kate continues to look to Bruce Wayne’s legacy for guidance as Luke Fox inadvertently gets pulled into Batwoman’s vigilante heroics (he’s probably showing some hesitation to Kate’s determination). Also, Sophie and Kate will be forced to team up.

The trailer for the series shows us a bit more. It looks as though Kate is still wearing a prototype version of what will eventually be the Batsuit that she’ll make her own with that red flair. It also looks like Kate will come into conflict with her father. Luke also seems to think that Gotham is beyond saving and that Kate’s choice to be the Bat has some too late. In any case, Next week on ARROWVERSE looks to be plenty interesting and entertaining for BATWOMAN.

Next Week On Arrowverse: SUPERGIRL

This week on ARROWVERSE for SUPERGIRL sees the premiere focused on Lena Luthor. During last season’s finale, Lex reveals to Lena that her friend Kara Danvers is also Supergirl. Kara has consistently been struggling to tell Lena the truth about who she really is for a while now, never finding the right time. Lena’s angry and she creates a plan to reveal Kara’s secret to the world, before she does however, Kara finally comes clean and tells her the truth. While this seems to mend their relationship, the premiere ends with Lena not as happy with Supergirl as she lets on. It looks as though she’s still seeking revenge. Also, a new Editor is in place at CatCo, desiring clicks over quality content, and J’onn comes into contact with a vengeful brother he never new he had.

Image from CW

Next week on ARROWVERSE’s SUPERGIRL provides an interesting synopsis. Supergirl, Alex and Brainiac thwart an alien attack while William (a new writer at CatcCo) investigates Kara. Meanwhile, J’onn J’onzz and Kelly use Obsidian tech to solve a problem. Is it possible that William could discover that Kara is Supergirl? The problem referenced that J’onn is solving is probably to figure out what the deal is with the martian claiming to be his brother. This is the same martian that the Monitor released, so could he be a part of the lead up to CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS? Most likely. The trailer doesn’t show much except confirm that both martians will be coming to blows, but also confirms that Kara and Alex will fight one another as well. We’ll have to see what’s that’s all about next week on ARROWVERSE.

BLACK LIGHTNING: Allegories Abound

BLACK LIGHTNING has always been a political show and isn’t shy about making real-world parallels. Picking off from the last season, Freeland has become a metahuman “ground zero” between the A.S.A. and Markovian forces. For his family’s safety, Jefferson and Lynn Pierce are kept in an A.S.A. holding facility. However, it soon becomes clear that Agent Odell is more interested in weaponizing Freeland’s metahumans than anything else. Or eliminating them if they pose a threat to his goals.

Image from CW

The result is meta kids being separated from their parents and locked in holding cells. Insert border crisis allegory here. On the outside, Jennifer is still struggling to control her Lighting powers and Anissa has gone full vigilante mode. Adopting a new costume, voice modulator and identity of Blackbird, she and Gambi work to rescue the arrested metas from further abuse. It’s all they can do in a city under quarantine with untrustworthy military “allies.”

BLACK LIGHTING: Getting Ready For A Team-Up?

Various plot threads are being laid out here, specifically the contents of last season’s mysterious briefcase. Only a now-arrested Tobias Whale knows the contents and even he seems spooked by what the A.S.A. could do with it. But he’s not talking, nor does he know it’s whereabouts. Yet he and Black Lightning are under the same roof, and it’s only a matter of time before they team up.

Overall, I thought this was a really strong season premiere. It kicks us back into the drama and raises this stakes beyond simply the Pierce family. Going by the promo for “The Book of Occupation: Chapter Two,” this mistreatment will get worse next week on ARROWVERSE. One meta’s eyes are bleeding and Jefferson’s exchange with A.S.A. agent Commander Williams seems heated. Let’s see how this conflict escalates without Black Lightning on patrol.


THE FLASH’s premiere takes place a few months after Barry and Iris’ future daughter Nora was erased from the timestream. The two have reluctantly accepted that, while they might have a daughter in the future, it simply won’t be Nora. Yet Team Flash moves on and S.T.A.R. Labs must content with a new threat. A series of black holes have opened up across Central City and they must find a way to close them. Cisco even has a song designed specifically for this occasion.

Image from CW

Surprisingly, a number of this episode’s storylines involve Caitlin. On one hand, a couple near-death encounters make her realize Killer Frost kind of wants to live a bit more. This leads to the two agreeing for Frost to have more input beyond icing the next bad guy. Hopefully this gives Frost more of an arc than last season, as well as more interactions with Ralph Dibny. Who, by the way, is investigating a woman by the name of Sue…

On the other hand, Caitlin attends the funeral of her mentor Rachel Rosso and reunites with her son Ramsey. Ramsey, angered his mom simply let her cancer happen rather than fight back, has devised a disease cure. Only catch: a key ingredient is dark matter, which if the past four season have suggested, rarely works out. As expected, it mutates him when Ramsey self-injects, presumably turning him into this new DC villain called… Bloodwork.

Next Week on ARROWVERSE’s THE FLASH: The Crisis Looms

But THE FLASH Season 5’s big focus is setting up CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. Nora’s “death” sped up the future newspaper date to 2019. Now the Monitor, appearing to Barry and Iris has confirmed its date: December 10, 2019. He warns that Barry will sacrifice himself to save the multiverse, but whether CRISIS plays just like the comics is still debatable. Only two months to go.

Next week on ARROWVERSE: Barry journeys to the day after he vanished using Jay Garrick’s hat. And he sees his parents again. Anything to have John Wesley Shipp back on-screen.

What did you think about the ARROWVERE’s opening week for the year? Are you excited for ARROW? Let us know in the comments below!

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