We finally have all-new episodes for all four shows next week on ARROWVERSE! SUPERGIRL fights the government, Diggle connects with his past on ARROW, family tension runs high on THE FLASH, and Neron reveals himself on LEGENDS. Read on for more!


SUPERGIRL is back next week on ARROWVERSE — titled “Crime and Punishment,” next week’s episode will continue the hunt for Lex Luthor (John Cryer). According to the synopsis, Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Lena head to Stryker’s Island to search for clues on how to defeat Lex. Kara will also try to befriend a prisoner who may have insight into what Lex was doing. Meanwhile, James’ sister Kelly encourages him to talk to someone about his PTSD.

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The promo focuses more on the fact that Lex’s Red Daughter has completely discredited Supergirl, impersonating her and destroying the White House. Now, the President looks to be recruiting Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer) to go after her. Supergirl says that if the government wants to stop her from helping people, they’re welcome to try. It looks like Supergirl is going to be pretty determined to stop Lex’s plans, and by extension clear her name.


After a relatively calm week for Oliver, it looks like things are ramping up again next week on ARROWVERSE! From the trailer alone, next week’s episode, simply titled “Spartan,” seems to be upping the stakes the highest they’ve been all season. Even the title of this episode, as simple as it is, promises drama. Clearly, this episode is going to revolve around Diggle. But why is he the one taken by the Ninth Circle? My guess is because he’s the true calming force in Oliver’s life.

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Yet the synopsis provides even more of a twist. “After the Ninth Circle delivers a major setback for Team Arrow, Diggle reluctantly reaches out to a Four-Star General (Ernie Hudson) of the Defense Intelligence Agency for help, despite unresolved tension from their past. Meanwhile, Oliver discovers a piece of information that he believes will turn Emiko against the Ninth Circle. Alena returns with an interesting proposal for Felicity.” Did Diggle actually get kidnapped, or just harassed a bit by the Ninth Circle? From the trailer, I would have said that the “major setback” is taking Diggle, but if he’s reaching out to someone, there must be something else worth taking. Archer perhaps?

Speaking of Archer, I’m also wondering if that has anything to do with the proposal Alena is bringing to Felicity. Maybe someone wants to back Smoak Tech, but only if they have access to that program. Regardless, Team Arrow will be back at it again next week on ARROWVERSE, hopefully not losing any of their team members in the process.


This week’s episode shows us the hows and whys of Nora’s relationship with Thawne. It also ended with Barry losing his trust in Nora, taking her back to the future and telling her not to return to the Team in the present. Next week on ARROWVERSE’s THE FLASH will be titled, “Snow Pack.” According to the synopsis, Icicle returns to enact the next phase of his devious plan. As a result, Caitlin and her mother must resolve their long-combative relationship to defeat the icy monster. Meanwhile, Barry makes a big decision about their family without consulting Iris. This decision is probably his sending Nora back to the future.

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The promo confirms as much. It starts with a shot of Nora sitting outside Thawne’s cell, who doesn’t look to have much time left before the countdown ends. Most likely it’s some sort of execution? We then saw Iris angry about Barry sending Nora back. He says he can’t trust her. Then we see Iris in Thawne’s time sphere, most likely going to the future to see Nora. Barry yells at Iris, saying that Nora lied to them for months, but Iris is crying. She says she didn’t even get to say goodbye to her. We then saw Iris with Nora and Thawne, telling Nora that Barry was wrong.

We then saw Nora pretty angry. She yells at Iris, asking how Barry could stop loving her. She then charges up and breaks out in a run. Maybe to go back in time to fight her father? We’ll have to see next week on ARROWVERSE.


LEGENDS continued its return with another strong episode. This week managed to mix in the grief of Hank’s funeral with Jane Austen-style romance gone wild. Oh, and there was a Hindu love god, a Bollywood dance number, and a séance. LEGENDS is one of those rare shows that manages to tell different emotional stories all at once. Still, Neron gets further built as a strong enemy for the team to face.

Neron’s build is one of the two major factors that build next week on ARROWVERSE’s episode. Constantine was visibly shaken by the reappearance of the demon; the fact Neron is possessing Des makes it even worse. This could leave a few possibilities for next week—John losing his focus on magic, leading to Nora revealing herself and earning her spot on the team, or perhaps even a glimpse that Des is still alive somehow. After all, if Nate can hang onto the mortal realm, imagine Marie Lauvex’s descendant can do.

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Whatever happens, there’s already a perfect setup in next week’s other big story about Ava seemingly trapped in Purgatory (or at least a really bad dream). John’s seemingly running the rescue mission, but in his state, he could easily lose control. However, it ends up, it’ll be good to see Sara and Ava work things out. Some of the imagery from the trailer (Ava as a life-size doll) could play into her feelings of being less than human.

As for Sara, she spent a month working in retail, so the setting of a demonic store could cause her issues too. Factor in the budding/in peril relationships of Nate, Zari, Ray and Nora, and Mona’s werewolf powers, and the stage is set for yet another crazy episode.

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The ARROWVERSE episodes all air on the CW.

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