The CW seasons are all ending with only a few episodes left for each. Superpowers abound on SUPERGIRL, a warrant’s out for Felicity and Cicada II to attack all metas, and Neron leads the LEGENDS into a trap next week on ARROWVERSE. Read on for more!


Next week on ARROWVERSE will see a lot of different elements coming into play on SUPERGIRL. Titled, “Will the Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?”, it looks like Eve will become a force to be reckoned with. According to the synopsis, Kara and Lena head to Kaznia to hunt down Lex. Meanwhile, Eve Tessmacher set up a trap that could ultimately reveal that Kara is Supergirl. Alex gets a long-awaited phone call, James practices using his powers, and Ben Lockwood takes a dangerous stand inside the DEO. Obviously, there’s a lot of stuff going on as the season wraps up, so it’ll be interesting to see how things shake up once the dust settles after this episode.

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The promo shows us Kara and Lena working together, then cuts to a case full of Kryptonite. Brainiac wonders: wouldn’t it be great if all humans had powers? We then saw four Eve Tessmachers. Is she now able to clone herself with powers? We also see Ben Lockwood facing off against Dreamer and Guardian. Lockwood also injects himself with what looks like a Harun-El, getting power himself. Dreamer hits him with a blast to no effect. With all that going on, next week on ARROWVERSE is going to be nuts.


With only two episodes left, next week on ARROWVERSE’s episode of ARROW, titled “Living Proof,” has some big shoes to fill! Not only does there need to be the start of a wrap-up for Oliver but there also needs to be some type of exit for Felicity as well. The synopsis doesn’t provide many details, but it might give up something about how Felicity will be exiting.

“OLIVER IS PUT TO THE TEST — Oliver (Stephen Amell) finds himself in a precarious position. SCPD shows up with a warrant for Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards).”

Although our heroes have gotten out of sticky situations in the past (need I remind you Oliver was in jail at the beginning of this season?), the warrant could be one that Felicity can’t get out of. If SCPD takes her away and “gets rid of her” akin to Cayden James and his whole situation, it would make sense why Felicity is mysteriously gone for all of the next season and possibly the last episode of this season.

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At the same time, having Felicity just mysteriously disappear doesn’t sit well. What I’d love to see is Felicity finish out this season and then leave to have Mia. We already saw in “Star City 2040” that Mia and Felicity end up out of the city, and clearly, Mia was quite young when Felicity took her away from Star City. So, I’d love for Felicity to finagle her way out of the warrant this episode, only to realize that she needs to leave the city to keep her child safe.

As far as Oliver goes, honestly, when isn’t he in a precarious position? With only this episode and one more left, it’s about time for Oliver to figure out how to beat Emiko.


Next week on ARROWVERSE’s THE FLASH will see Team Flash doing everything they can to stop Cicada II. This week sees Nora reunite with Team Flash, but it also sees the future of Cicada getting her hands on a meta-human cure. In its current incomplete state, it’s a meta-killing virus capable of wiping all metas in the city. According to the synopsis, Team Flash is on high alert after Cicada II threatens to unleash a dangerous virus that would put all meta-humans at risk. It doesn’t give much additional info beyond what we already know from seeing this week’s episode.

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The promo gives us a little more info as to how Team Flash prepares for Cicada II. It looks like they gather all the known metas in the CCPD. The original Cicada tells Cicada II to wipe the meta off the face of the planet. Barry says this is their last chance to stop her. They have to find her or risk losing everyone. The last shot had an unconscious Nora in Barry’s arms. Team Flash does have the gun Thawne told them to get, which could help them destroy Cicada’s dagger. With only two episodes left this season, the stakes are getting pretty high next week on ARROWVERSE.


As LEGENDS inches closer and closer to the end of the season as it continues its deft balancing of multiple stories in a single episode. This week saw four different tales mixed together—Ray’s possession by Neron, Nate and Zari’s budding romance, Sara and Ava’s book club, and Rory and Charlie at a romance con. Rory at a romance convention is just hilarious, and Neron’s continued influence fuels the rest of the season. Mixing them all together had something for every LEGENDS fan.

Of course, it’s next week on ARROWVERSE’s episode that brings us here, and as always there’s plenty to discuss. The trailer may seem fairly straightforward, with Neron leading the Legends into a snowy trap. However, there’s still a lot to consider. Neron’s got a (corrupted?) Gary is working with him. It’s interesting that this is coming from Ray, who’s largely acted as the Legend’s goofy moral center. Watching him be so sinister adds a chilling level to Neron, and where it takes Ray will be fascinating to watch.

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There’s also the effect on the other Legends. Nate’s going to be torn, as he both started a relationship and lost his best friend at the same time. Add this to his father’s death, and there’s no telling what he might do. However, Nate may be the key, since Neron’s deal is Ray’s body as long as Nate is unharmed. Other Legends may not be as torn, but most have known Ray for years, which will only make the fight more difficult. And there’s also the lingering question of Tabitha. Will Neron try to summon her again? Or will something else happen? Either way, next week on ARROWVERSE is going to have a lot to do.

The ARROWVERSE shows all air on the CW.

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