The ARROWVERSE seasons are wrapping up, getting even more intense and crazy. SUPERGIRL lies low, Roy Harper returns to ARROW, Nora goes rogue on THE FLASH, and the LEGENDS deal with a demon-possessed Ray next week on ARROWVERSE. Read on to learn more!


Next week for Supergirl will see the pen mightier than the cape. Thanks to Lex Luthor’s Red Daughter, Supergirl is now public enemy number one. Deciding to lay low on this week’s episode next week on ARROWVERSE won’t see Kara’s search for the truth not as Supergirl. Instead, it’ll be like reporter Kara Danvers. Next week’s episode will be titled, “American Dreamer.”

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According to the synopsis, “Kara doggedly works as a reporter to clear Supergirl’s name. Meanwhile, Dreamer picks up the slack as the National City’s protector, which leads to a showdown with Ben Lockwood. Also, James takes drastic measures to relieve his PTSD”. It looks like Kara will indeed be laying low, giving more of the superhero spotlight to Nia Nahl, who is still trying to get a handle on her powers. This week’s episode sees James discovering that he has some powers thanks to Lena’s cure. This will prove difficult, as they look to be triggered by said PTSD. The promo doesn’t give us any new details, putting all its focus on Nia patrolling the streets in Supergirl’s absence. It’ll be interesting to see if Nia has any new practical applications to her dreaming powers next week on ARROWVERSE.


Roy Harper’s coming back, y’all! If you want more Arsenal on your screen, then you’re in luck! He’ll be back in Star City next week on ARROWVERSE’s episode of ARROW. Although we’ve been seeing him in the flash-forward sequences, this will be the first time he’s been back around our heroes in the present in a while. The synopsis for this episode, titled “Confessions,” also promises more drama. “When they learn of an upcoming attack on the city, Team Arrow calls for Roy Harper to help them stop the Ninth Circle. However, things go awry and there is massive collateral damage. As captain of the SCPD, Dinah investigates what happened in an episode that takes on a true crime narrative and tone.”

Image from the CW.

True crime seems more Barry Allen’s style, but I’m looking forward to Dinah taking on even more of that policing role on screen. Judging from the trailer, things are going to get tense in Star City. It seems like Emiko is not going to give up on ruining Oliver’s life, even if that means she has to frame him. However, I think Roy’s return is an even bigger draw than anything Emiko has concocted. Why is he the one who Team Arrow reaches out to? How does he factor into the rest of the mess that the synopsis promises? Honestly, I think a big part of it comes down to how few allies Team Arrow has left.

With Curtis and Laurel gone, the team is starting to whittle down.  So, naturally, they’ll reach out to someone who has stood by them throughout everything. I am definitely looking forward to seeing the younger Roy again. However, I have a feeling that his return could seriously hurt the team in the end.


This week on ARROWVERSE’s THE FLASH sees Nora go to a dark place, using Thawne’s Negative Speed Force to get back to 2019. Iris and Barry are a little more unified, but it looks like next week on ARROWVERSE will see Nora continue down her dark path. According to the synopsis: Barry continues to struggle with how he feels about Nora’s betrayal. Meanwhile, Brie Larvan, Joss Jackam, and Peter Merkel return to Central City. Also, Cisco makes a bold decision. Could this decision be Cisco wanting to leave Team Flash? Meanwhile, there looks to be a new team-up of Rogues comprised of Rag Doll, Weather Witch and the return of the Bug-Eyed Bandit? What?!

Image from the CW.

The promo is very much focused on these new rogues, with the reveal that Nora is working with them! She potentially could be the one who’s bringing them together. She certainly seems angered by Barry and his decision to kick her off the team and send her back to the future, screaming that she hates him. We’ll have to see what’s Nora’s planning and if Team Flash can bring her back to the side of the Angels next week on ARROWVERSE.


This week’s episode of LEGENDS was a great set up for things to come, deftly balancing multiple storylines. There was some light comedy with Zari, and drama as Nate uncovers more about his father (and Neron tempting Nora). There’s also the central story of Ava and Sara in Purgatory. The idea of a department store representing anxiety seems too weird to work, but Sara and Ava manage to use the IKEA-esque background to work through their issues.

Next week on ARROWVERSE promises even more, as this episode ended with Neron exorcized by Desmond, but seemingly rebuilding himself inside Ray. There’s a lot of potential here with Ray’s Boy-Scout nature being perverted by a demon. Ray appears to be keeping a lot of control in the trailer, so perhaps Neron is taking longer to corrupt his new host. That doesn’t mean Ray can’t get fully corrupted, but it will be interesting to see if he’s able to fight Neron off.

Image from CW.

It’s not all demons for the Legends either. Sara and Ava seem to have reached a new understanding. Does that mean they will be settling down in D.C. or on the Waverider? Nate and Zari still appear to be tip-toeing towards a relationship as well. Both of these couples are going to be making serious choices that could drastically affect the team. Constantine is suffering more dire problems, with Desmond’s rejection. John tends to deal with failure badly, so how far down could he possibly go with Neron rising again? Especially when the team needs its magic expert? This season has had plenty of twists ranging from demons to theme parks. The next step should leave a hell of a footprint.

The ARROWVERSE shows all air on the CW.

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