Two ARROWVERSE shows come to a close, and the other two are nearing theirs. Both ARROW and THE FLASH have their season finales, SUPERGIRL fights Red Daughter, and Demon Ray creates a soul-stealing app on LEGENDS next week on ARROWVERSE. Read on to learn more.


Next Week on ARROWVERSE brings us the last episode of SUPERGIRL before the season finale. Titled “Red Dawn,” this episode will see Kara take on the Red Daughter. According to the synopsis, Kara comes face to face with Red Daughter and the two engage in an epic battle. Meanwhile, Lena turns to an unlikely source for help. Alex realizes she’s missing parts of her memory, and Brainy, Nia and J’onn set out to track down aliens who have been abducted. How will said epic fight end? What happens to Alex when she realizes the truth about her sister she forgot? Is the newly-powered Lockwood responsible for the alien abductions?

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The promo’s focus is all on the Red Daughter fight. Red Daughter tells Kara that she’s going to kill her. Kara says that they have the same powers. Red Daughter responds, saying that while that’s true, she doesn’t fly around in a cheerleader skirt. They then both take to the air, using their heat vision. Unfortunately, there are no details about Alex, Lena, or the others. We’ll have to see what else is in store for SUPERGIRL next week on ARROWVERSE.

It’s hard to believe that this season of ARROW finishes up with this last episode titled “You Have Saved This City.” After the way season 6 ended, I wouldn’t be surprised if Emiko’s storyline continues to play out well into the next season. However, since the upcoming season is also its last and it’s cut in half, I’m hoping this storyline wraps up for the most part with this season finale next week on ARROWVERSE.

The synopsis doesn’t give too much away. “The battle between Oliver and Emiko comes to a boiling point which brings back some familiar faces and leaves others in dire jeopardy.” Fortunately, the trailer gives us a bit more. Clearly, Oliver and Emiko are going to fight each other. But on top of that, it looks like Laurel will be back from Earth 2! I have mixed feelings on her return, especially because her exit was timed perfectly in my opinion. Nevertheless, she’s back and here to hopefully help Oliver’s fight against Emiko.

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There’s still the question of Emily Bett Rickard’s series exit as Felicity. Could she be one of those in dire jeopardy? I’m still rooting for her to just take Mia and leave as we saw in “Star City 2040.” But if Felicity isn’t the one in jeopardy (and I’m desperately hoping she isn’t), I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rene in that spot. He’s had a certain alliance with Emiko this entire season, which I don’t think ended even after she tried to kill all of them. I could easily see this being his weak spot. The title is giving me hope for this episode because it’s everything Oliver’s been working toward. Yet, does he ever get a happy ending?


Next week on ARROWVERSE will bring us the season finale of THE FLASH. Titled “Legacy,” the season finale will see Eobard Thawne’s plans come to fruition. This week, we learned that his plans are very much tied to Team Flash’s success in creating a new timeline where they defeated Cicada. Somehow, this will be advantageous for Thawne, and just in time. The countdown to what looks to be his execution in 2049 is done by the end of the episode. Ralph gets a hint of what his plans were, but it looks like it was too late. Barry had already hit the dagger with a mirror gun.

The synopsis is pretty slim: “Barry faces off with his oldest and most formidable nemesis, Reverse Flash.” That’s it. It does let us assume that Thawne’s plan works and comes face to face with Barry. Does this mean that he’ll break free in the future and come to Barry in the present? Possibly.

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While the synopsis’ focus is on Barry and Reverse-Flash, we don’t see any kind of epic fight in the promo. The focus is more on stopping Cicada II and saving all of Central City’s metapopulation. Barry says they’re not going to let meta-humans die. We then see a shot Cicada II, as well as Reverse-Flash strapped down and Cicada’s dagger across his chest for some reason. Nora says that it’s all her mistake, and she’s not going to make another one. It ended with Cicada II telling Barry that he had taken her family away from her, so now he can watch her take his. It ends with Barry trapped, while Cicada raises her dagger. It’s unclear who she’s attempting to kill. Could it be Nora? We’ll have to wait and see next week on ARROWVERSE.


LEGENDS came closer to the season’s finish line this week with a more straightforward story than recent episodes. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty to deal with. Neron vs. Constantine, as well as Constantine’s magic-hating ancestor, the Legends digging themselves out of an ice barrage, and Gary nearly taking over the Time Bureau with his enchanted nipple. Yeah, this is LEGENDS all right.

Next week on ARROWVERSE promises to deliver far more surprises. We already know that Tabitha Neron wanted to be free is the Fairy Godmother from earlier this season. It’s a twist no one saw coming, but it easily fits into what we’ve seen of Neron’s plan. To be honest, that plan is an intriguing part of the next episode, creating an app that takes people’s souls. It’s a great way to combine Ray’s technological expertise with magic, and it’s easy to imagine Tabitha as a big part of it.

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That still leaves the Legends in a very difficult and delicate position, with Ray’s possession taking on a far more dangerous meaning. Ray’s been the team’s moral center until now, and it’s questionable how far they may go to get him back. Some members may consider Ray a lost cause, but others, especially Nora and Nate, will be hell-bent on saving him. Just how these views might affect the rest of the team will likely be the episode’s driving force. Still, there’s at least one solid possibility to save Ray with Nate; Neron’s deal allows him Ray’s body so long as he doesn’t harm Nate. There might be a loophole there to allow Nate to save his friend. Whether or not that happens is something we’ll just have to wait on.

The ARRROWVERSE shows all air on the CW.

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