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Having never been to New York Comic Con, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Yet, somehow, it was exactly as expected! From October 4th to October 7th of 2018, the Javits Convention Center was filled wall to wall with fanatics, cosplayers, artists, writers, creators, collaborators, and an overall air of wonder. The energy was palpable. There was so much to see that despite the sheer size of the Javits Center, off-site venues such as the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden were utilized. Attendees were allowed access to a wide selection of panels and press conferences. Some of which shared major announcements and sneak previews!

The ComicsVerse team had the pleasure of speaking with some of our favorite names at Marvel, DC like Dan Watters, Dark Horse, Image, and more at New York Comic Con 2018. We were lucky enough to chat with the stars of some of our favorite shows such as MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE and MARVEL’S RUNAWAYS. We even discovered an appreciation for things some of us had never seen or heard of, such as Guillermo del Toro’s TALES OF ARCADIA series. The ComicsVerse team also saw sneak peeks and even full episodes the public eye has yet to see.

What is it actually like at New York Comic Con?

New York Comic Con is the kind of place where you finally understand the sentiment of, “I’ve found my people.” While the convention may have been overwhelming at times, the experience is incomparable and well worth the sensory overload. There were certainly times where I thought, “There’s no way we can cover everything we’re supposed to.” But having a talented team of excellent communicators made it all feel more than manageable. While we may not have been able to cover all of the amazing things to see at NYCC, one thing is for certain: we all got our steps in!

We hope you kept up and enjoyed this year’s coverage of New York Comic Con. Let us know about your NYCC highlights!

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