X-Men ResurrXion Trailer

If the release of a new X-Men ResurrXion trailer from Marvel doesn’t put to rest all that fake news about them trying to ruin their X-Men comics because of a Marvel/FOX movie rights feud, I’m not sure what will. The X-Men are back on top and, once again, at the forefront of the Marvel Universe with ResurrXion, a little something we, at ComicsVerse, refer to as Renaissance X.

A slate of new X-Men comics have been announced and will start premiering as soon as next week! The above X-Men ResurrXion trailer, brought to you by Marvel, showcases the amazing titles we have to look out for. To top it off, Kitty Pryde fans get their due as Kitty looks sharp and ready as the new leader of the X-Men. Back off Cyclops and Storm, this is no doubt the beginning of a new era!

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Some of the new X-Men titles appearing in the X-Men ResurXion trailer include X-MEN: GOLD, X-MEN: BLUE, ICEMAN, JEAN GREY, and X-MEN PRIME. We also have reboots of ASTONISHING X-MEN and WEAPON X to look to forward to, in addition to continuing comics such as ALL-NEW WOLVERINE and OLD MAN LOGAN.

The creative teams behind these comics have also shaken up. We’ll see creators like Charles Soule, Greg Pak, Greg Land, Sina Grace, Dennis Hopeless, Cullen Bunn and more working on your favorite X-Men titles according to the X-Men ResurrXion trailer which promises a resurgence of the X-Men’s presence in the Marvel Universe.

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Marvel’s X-Men ResurrXion trailer is itself exciting, priming X-Men fans for changes at the precipice of a time the X-Men have never been so divided. So sit back, and get ready for what is to come! Enjoy the X-Men ResurrXion trailer!

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