NIGHTWING #52 is an issue worth reading. The artwork brings the city of Blüdhaven to life. While there are some weaker plot points, like new vigilantes in Ric's city, Scott Lobdell has written a pretty great storyline for NIGHTWING #52.
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After a gunshot wound to the head, Dick Grayson still grapples with his identity in NIGHTWING #52. When the Scarecrow comes to Blüdhaven, his fear germ spreads terror and death among its citizens. With Grayson retiring from vigilantism, who will step up to be the hero the city needs? Written by Scott Lobdell, check out NIGHTWING #52 to find out!

Warning, potential spoilers for NIGHTWING #52 are below!

A New Hero in Bludhaven

Dick Grayson has lost his memory and is now Ric Grayson, a cab driver. Despite his memory loss, his still has his Nightwing instincts. Able to leap and flip across rooftops and beat up burgers, his muscle memory remains intact. Meanwhile, the Scarecrow plans to spread terror around Blüdhaven through the “fear germ.” At the coroner’s office, Detective Svoboda oversees the autopsy of the victim who drowned in his bed. As the examination begins, a mysterious green smoke emitting from the body engulfs the room, causing the doctor and officers to go insane and kill each other.

NIGHTWING #52 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

All the while, Ric Grayson continues to be a freeloader, squatting in an old cat lady’s home while she’s away. Later, when he’s at work, he hears his fellow driver’s frantic voice coming over the intercom. Grayson jumps into action, to go help his friend, and finds an abandoned taxi covered in blood. That can’t be good. You know what else can’t be good? A new Nightwing showing up on the scene!

In the previous issue, Detective Sapienza found all of Nightwing’s gear and uniforms. Towards the end of NIGHTWING #52,  Sapienza recruits other members of various law enforcement agencies to become a team of Nightwings. Will this new batch of heroes be able to protect Bludhaven from Scarecrow’s fear germ? Will Grayson ever regain his memories? So we’ll have to wait for the next issue to learn more!

Bold Imagery

Always a visual treat, the artwork by Chris Mooneyham captures the essence of Blüdhaven. With the use of heavy shadows, smoke, and grime, there’s this gritty and grungy vibe to the city. That ink splatter effect, seen throughout the issue, adds to the tough urban setting of NIGHTWING #52.

Watching the fear germ spread through the coroner’s office and create such terror-filled chaos offers a great build-up of suspense. Also, when as Grayson leaps across rooftops and fire escapes, his movements are so fluid and agile. Also, shout out to Nightwing’s old uniforms from the eighties and nineties. What a throwback! Mooneyham’s unique art style never ceases to amaze me. So NIGHTWING #52 is worth reading just for the awesome visuals alone.

NIGHTWING #52 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

A New Nightwing

Frankly, I’m not so sure about regular civilians, with no proper training, playing around with Nightwing’s gadgets and costumes and calling themselves the Nightwings. Dick Grayson has the physical skills from his circus days and mentorship with Batman. In NIGHTWING #52, Grayson maintains his vigilante reflexes. Not only is he plagued by literal memories, but he also has his muscle memories. Now, there’s this interesting conflict within himself, where he has to wrestle with his heroic instincts.

I’m not too excited to the idea of a team of Nightwings in NIGHTWING #52. Sorry, I’m not particularly interested in civilians pretending to be Nightwing. Won’t that distract from the real Nightwing’s story? Maybe this will make sense in the next issue. For now, I remain skeptical.

Final Thoughts On NIGHTWING #52

NIGHTWING #52 is definitely an issue worth checking out. The artwork by Chris Mooneyham captures the urban energy of the city. I love the intricate details of dark shows and smoke-filled streets, creating this gritty urban landscape.

Despite some weaker points, Scott Lobdell has brought us a solid issue. As Dick Grayson struggles with his identity, there’s a deep development of his character as he tries to find himself. Who is Dick Grayson apart from the Nightwing persona? Also, I’m curious if more members of the Bat-Family will check up on the old boy wonder.

So, in the next issue, it looks like we’ll have multiple Nightwings and none of them are Dick Grayson. Not sure how that will work, but let’s see what happens!

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