The time has arrived for the new trailer of X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST to be released and wow! Well, not exactly, “wow,” but we certainly see some things we like. It looks like although Kitty Pryde will be making an appearance in this film, she will not be the link to the past and present like comic book Kitty Pryde was in the story of the same name — that honor goes to Wolverine who seems to be the one to travel, in some fashion or another, to the past in this trailer. For unknown reasons, it appears young Xavier has lost his hope in regards to being the mutant Gandhi that he is. The trailer ends with Patrick Stewart Xavier asks young Xavier to hope again. Other observations:

  • Blink looks ridiculous.
  • Storm has short hair.
  • Young Magneto magnetically drags young Mystique across the floor.

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