TOKYO GHOUL fans rejoice! Early Thursday morning, Sui Ishida, author of the best-selling TOKYO GHOUL and TOKYO GHOUL:RE manga, tweeted a video announcing the adaptation of TOKYO GHOUL:RE into an anime. The video comes just days after news broke that Weekly Young Jump, the publishers behind TOKYO GHOUL and TOKYO GHOUL:RE, would be making an announcement on October 12. It is unclear as to whether or not they will be making an announcement on the 12th. Check out the YouTube video below!

Natsuki Hanae will be reprising his role as the main character, Ken Kaneki. There is no mention of staff in the teaser trailer. The anime will air sometime in 2018.

The TOKYO GHOUL anime has been on hiatus since the end of its second season, TOKYO GHOUL √A, in 2016.  For those of you who need a refresher, TOKYO GHOUL √A ended in a final stand-off between the Anteiku clan and the CCG. There were a lot of casualties, including Nagachika Hideyoshi, Ken Kaneki’s best friend. Renji Yomo escapes with Touka Kirishima. And Anteiku, the quaint café where the story began, burns to the ground.

A New Story

Many fans have expressed their displeasure towards the second season (myself included). The anime took out a lot of the details that lead to the events in TOKYO GHOUL:RE. In √A, Ken Kaneki joins Aogiri Tree, something that doesn’t happen in the manga. This does create some complications and it’s still uncertain how the writers plan to bridge the gaps. TOKYO GHOUL:RE follows the life of CCG investigator Haise Sasaki and a group of half-ghouls known as the Quinx Squad. Together, they hope to be the CCG’s best weapons against the ghouls terrorizing Tokyo.

TOKYO GHOUL Live-Action: Redefining Live-Action Anime

As a huge fan of the series, I think the jump in time might be what the story needs. TOKYO GHOUL:RE takes place a few years after the end of TOKYO GHOUL which allows the show to correct some discrepancies. One great thing about the new anime at least is the fact that you don’t have to be a returning fan to watch the show. With a new plot and new characters, new and old viewers can enjoy the show equally. Either way, season 3 can’t come fast enough!

Featured image via TOKYO GHOUL:RE trailer.

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