Need a new anime to watch while you grind for magic stones? The PUZZLE & DRAGONS mobile app that is constantly being updated with new monsters is now getting a different kind of update—a new animated series! Earlier this week, GungHo Entertainment put forth a press release with details about various gaming collaborations. In this release, a new anime inspired by the world of PUZZLE & DRAGONS was announced. That anime, PUZZDRA, is the second anime building off of the hit mobile game. So, one of the most addicting games around is hitting the screen for a second time!

A selection of monsters from the hundreds in PUZZLE & DRAGONS | Image: GungHo Online Entertainment

For those unfamiliar with the mobile app, PUZZLE & DRAGONS is a puzzle matching game with a neat blend of role-playing and strategy. Players match multiple colored orbs in rows and columns, using various combos and colors to create attacks. Each color represents an element for certain monsters in the game. The number of orbs matched and the color determine the attacking strength, letting players wield a variety of elements by matching multiple sets and creating combos.  Beyond just matching colors, players must carefully form a team of six monsters from countless combinations. Many monsters have specific skills, adding layers and layers of strategy to the color matching. As you might’ve deduced by now, this all makes PUZZLE & DRAGONS as much a strategy game as it is a matching one.

The first anime adaptation of the game began in July of 2016. Set in Dorogoza island, PUZZLE & DRAGONS X puts ‘drop energy’ in the place of the usual colored orbs from the game. Humans in the anime living in the ‘drop energy’ rich island can use the orbs to compete with each other in puzzle wars. The anime follows a free-spirited and sociable boy named Ace as he learns the basics of these puzzle wars and has adventures alongside his friends and monsters. PUZZDRA is a brand new project meant to reignite fans’ passions and recreate the world of PUZZLE & DRAGONS.

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A Fresh Project

News of this second anime comes with the YouTube video of the series’ trailer. Check out the exciting visuals in the video below:

This anime breaks away from the style of PUZZLE & DRAGONS X by making the focus of the anime the same as the mobile game in real life. PUZZDRA takes place in the modern world and follows elementary school student Taiga Akashi. Although Taiga is pretty young, he has dreams of becoming a professional gamer. Players of the game will certainly relate to Taiga’s skill at speedily matching and forming combos in the game. From what we see in the trailer, it seems PUZZDRA will be more geared toward literal competitive gaming rather than a fantasy world based on the mobile game. Either way, PUZZDRA is definitely poised to carry this incredible concept to greater heights.

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Swipe On!

As GungHo Entertainment passes its 6th anniversary, projects like this only serve to enhance the PUZZLE & DRAGONS franchise. Every video game, app, and anime series adds more and more to this expansive world. As of now, PUZZDRA premiers April 2018 in Japan. With the mobile game, GungHo entertainment already has millions of active players and even more downloads. These users will all relate a lot more to this particular anime than the last one. Both anime certainly have their merits, but this new project has the possibility of incorporating legitimate competitive strategies in a way that players can identify with.

PUZZLE & DRAGONS X added a rich storyline in a fantasy world that re-imagined the game. So far, PUZZDRA, in doing essentially the opposite of that. This will attract players, fans of the other anime, and anyone looking for an incredible game to both watch and play. If you have yet to check out any form of PUZZLE & DRAGONS, you’re missing out. Watch out though, you’ll be an addict faster than you think.

Featured image screenshotted from Youtube.

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