On February 27th, the official Japanese website for the upcoming 21st POKÉMON anime feature film POKÉMON THE MOVIE: EVERYONE’S STORY released a new trailer, in addition to a new poster visual introducing its five protagonists.

POKÉMON, one of the most successful anime franchises in history, is back with the latest addition to its ever-growing universe. EVERYONE’S STORY will pick up where the previous movie, I CHOOSE YOU, left off.  Despite this continuity, this film will be the first Pokémon movie in 20 years with a new director. Kunihiko Yuyama, who has directed every POKÉMON movie since 1998, will pass the baton to Tetsuo Yajima. No need for die-hards to worry though, as Yajima is no stranger to POKÉMON. The 33-year-old was the director for the POKÉMON: XY television series. Although Yuyama will not be directing, he remains on board with the movie in the role of animation supervisor. So, it seems like the film is in good hands.

Check out the first official trailer here:

What We Know So Far About EVERYONE’S STORY

In the first official trailer for EVERYONE’S STORY, we get a glimpse of each of the supporting characters and their Pokémon. While the movie’s first trailer doesn’t reveal much in terms of plot, here’s what we know about the characters themselves. We know that Lisa is a young Pokémon rookie. Kagachi can’t stop telling tall tales. Torito is a timid researcher. Hisui is old and hates Pokémon. Finally, Largo is a mysterious little girl who hangs around in the forest by herself.

The official synopsis for POKÉMON THE MOVIE: EVERYONE’S STORY reveals a bit more about the plot for the upcoming movie, which includes the legendary Pokémon of the Johto region, Lugia. This is the synopsis obtained from Serebii:

Once a year, a “wind festival” is held in Fura City, the city where people live together with the wind. While the ancient belief that the legendary Pokémon Lugia will appear and bring about the blessed wind on the final day of the festival still exists, the people that gather in the city participate in the festival while wrapped in their own thoughts……

Ash, Pikachu, and our new cast overlook Fura City in this new poster | Image: Crunchyroll

In the new visual we see a screen-grab from the trailer portraying all the new characters, with Ash and Pikachu front and center. Fura City is in the background and the legendary Pokémon Lugia flies overhead.

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Waiting is the Hardest Part

Even if you may not have been keeping up with every POKÉMON movie that has come out over the last 20 years, EVERYONE’S STORY promises to be an exciting addition to the ever-growing canon. Perhaps these new characters and a new director will give EVERYONE’S STORY a fresh feeling to it. According to Crunchyroll, The POKÉMON Company has announced that the film is set for a July 2018 release in Japan. Sadly, it may be a ways off until we see the film’s official western release date. At least the trailer is certainly exciting for long-standing POKÉMON fans!

Featured image screenshot from Youtube

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