The Idolm@ster franchise started in 2005 as nothing more than a humble arcade game. Since then, it’s enjoyed massive popularity that hasn’t died down in the past twelve years. The series has spawned over twenty more titles and has even extended its reach to home consoles and portable devices.

For those who aren’t familiar with Idolm@ster, the premise of each game is essentially the same: the player takes on the role of “Producer” for a group of aspiring idols and trains them to go pro. Of course, as one might expect, more games eventually means more and more idols for the Producer to meet, interact with, and ultimately produce.

While early games focused on only thirteen girls, its Cinderella Girls spinoff introduced almost 200 more right off the bat. Then, Million Live!, its next spinoff, popped out an additional thirty-seven. And just in case that wasn’t enough, two more are making their debut this year.

New Idols Await in Theater Days!

On May 30, a livestream broadcast on NicoNico announced that Kaori Sakuramori (top) and Tsumugi Shiraishi (bottom) will appear in the upcoming smartphone game The Idolm@ster Million Live! Theater Days.

million live tsumugi
Image: Twitter


million live tsumugi
Image: Twitter

Arisa Kouri and Saki Minami will be voicing Kaori and Tsumugi, respectively.

The text in the purple boxes shows Kaori and Tsumugi’s dialogue, offering a first taste of their personalities. Kaori seems to be the polite type, asking, “Would you… make me an idol please?” On the other hand, Tsumugi is a bit more sharp-tongued, bluntly questioning, “By any chance… are you an idiot?” Other information, such as their ages, heights, and birthdays, is also listed.

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What to Expect

Theater Days will be the second smartphone rhythm game under the Idolm@ster name, following Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage. Like its predecessor, the game will feature full computer-generated dance numbers during onstage performances. However, offstage gameplay will replace 2D sprites with 3D character models. Players can also interact with certain idols by touching their screens. Performances will take place in the 765 Pro theater, while other gameplay will occur in rooms such as the theater’s entrance and office. The full extent of offstage gameplay has not yet been announced.

Alongside Kaori and Tsumugi, Theater Days will focus on the full cast of Million Live!, including the original 765 Pro idols. This adds up to a whopping fifty-two idols available in-game. An earlier trailer also introduced theater clerk Misaki Aoba.

The broadcast also revealed a deviation from the franchise’s established “idol type” categorization. Previous Idolm@ster titles sorted its characters into vocal, visual, and dance categories. However, in Theater Days, idols will instead be organized into fairy, princess, and angel.

million live categories
Image: Twitter

The broadcast did not explain what the new categories mean in relation to the characters, or how they will affect gameplay. At the least, the new categories don’t seem to correspond directly with the old ones. Answers and further details lie in the June issue of Famitsu magazine, which comes out June 1st.

Bandai Namco will release Theater Days in Japan sometime in 2017.

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Featured image screenshotted from YouTube.

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