We’re inching closer to another incredible season of hero training and Quirks! MY HERO ACADEMIA finished up its second season early last year with tremendous response. While the break between seasons of this amazing show was almost unbearable, they’re almost over. After several weeks of character design reveals and new actors, a new trailer is finally out. And, unsurprisingly, the trailer is absolutely wild.

For those yet to be blessed by this heart-pounding anime, MY HERO ACADEMIA tells a story of a world where powers are commonplace. Most of the population is born with a unique ‘Quirk.’ These Quirks manifest either as a physical change (e.g. wings) or a special superpower like breathing fire. However, it wouldn’t do to have people flying around cities or shooting fireballs without scrutiny. Therefore, government agencies regulate the use of Quirks. Those who want unlimited access must first obtain a license by going to school, just like any other profession.

This is the world high school applicant Izuku Midoriya lives in. But there’s one problem. He was born without a Quirk, making his dreams of becoming a hero nearly impossible. However, one day, Midoriya meets All Might, the world’s greatest hero. After All Might recognizes Midoriya’s pure heart and strong spirit, he gifts him with the Quirk ‘One For All.’ This gives Midoriya the power to greatly enhance his physical abilities, though sometimes at great physical strain. The series follows Midoriya and his hero classmates at UA Academy as they learn the skills needed to become professional heroes.

MY HERO ACADEMIA and the Power Struggle

The Awesome New Trailer

While earlier seasons focused heavily on training in school, the next few arcs really bring in the outside world. I won’t spoil anything, but rest assured, this series only gets better. The new trailer showcases scenes from the training camp arc of the show. New villains, new allies, and incredible powers are all at the forefront. Check it out below courtesy of TOHO Animation!

The trailer is by far the most hype news we’ve seen so far. No hero training is complete without an appearance from some villains. It appears Midoriya and his class have some tough fights ahead of them.

Plus Ultra!

There’s only about a month more of waiting to do. The third season of MY HERO ACADEMIA will broadcast in Japan beginning on April 07, 2018. A new film, MY HERO ACADEMIA THE MOVIE, is also in development for a Summer 2018 release in Japan. Later this year, MY HERO ACADEMIA: ONE’S JUSTICE will hit video game consoles worldwide.

It’s going to be an incredible year for MY HERO ACADEMIA. After essentially smashing almost every anime award, the series has proven itself to be one of the best. The manga has already proven it’s only getting better. We can’t wait to see the anime do the same.

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MY HERO ACADEMIA Smashes Crunchyroll Anime Awards

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