ALL-NEW GUARDIANS OF GALAXY #2 continues the fun with amazing artwork by Kuder and great characterization from Duggan. For anyone looking for a fun time, but also for something with larger plans, look no further.
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Right off the bat, ALL-NEW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #2 is proving itself to be another great book by Gerry Duggan. It has everything DEADPOOL has. It has humor, it has mystery, it has clever storytelling, and it has the ability to get dark. The fast pace this book goes at keeps the fun moving with no lulls and keeps the laughs coming. From this alone, it seems ALL-NEW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is another joke book from Marvel. However, like DEADPOOL, there is a lot of heart and future plans tying this series together. Duggan has always been good at making his characters feel personal and real. His characters don’t feel scripted and — for new readers — they feel refreshing.

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It’s All About Scale

Gerry Duggan has a very unique voice. His books are usually found to be focused on a small scale. In comparison, while the Avengers are destroying worlds due to incursions, Deadpool is killing the dead presidents of history. Now, while Hydra is brainwashing the world, the Guardians are attempting yet another heist. Nothing grand, but still exciting because of the characters involved. In the first issue, we are introduced to an all-new Guardians of the Galaxy team: Gamora is hiding secrets, Drax is a pacifist, and Groot is stuck in baby form. The only characters that ever stay the same are Star-Lord and Rocket, and that helps because it’s always beneficial to have recognizable characters in a story. ALL-NEW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #2 builds off the hurdles from the first issue — primarily the new team dynamic — and promises even more.

Image from ALL-NEW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #2, courtesy of Marvel

ALL-NEW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #2 explores the already established situation from issue #1 with a more in-depth view. Before that, however, Duggan provides us with a hilarious heist that consists of the Guardians sneaking into the Collector’s castle by means of alien poop. The Guardians do inevitably find themselves fighting their way out after sounding off the alarm. This is where an unexpected, but nicely done inner monologue by Star-Lord is introduced. As much as he attempts to joke around, and act as though nothing has changed, he still very much fears the future of the Guardians. He even analyzes Gamora, who is hiding secrets and has an unexplained inner rage that no one understands. Drax even betrays his new profound sense of pacifism by hitting someone off an edge, but still has the audacity to “refuse to accept the weight of his death.”

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Characterization, Art, Plot, Awesomeness!

ALL-NEW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #2 truly begins to put down the foundation of these characters in this new series. Anyone familiar with Duggan’s work can expect to see some serious team problems in the foreseeable future. Duggan writes such good stories because he makes his characters enjoyable to read. With that, he can turn character problems into full arcs. Now, with the Guardians, Duggan has even more characters to work with!

More characters also mean more awesome art. Aaron Kuder really shows off his attention to detail in this issue. I mentioned how his rough line work added a sense of grittiness to the first issue, and the statement still stands. In addition, we still get amazing full page shots that prove Kuder is more than capable of pumping large, awesome art. All this adds more promise to this series.


All in all, ALL-NEW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #2, once again, meets the Gerry Duggan expectations. Slowly laying a deeper plot with dark themes, but still making it fun enough to laugh at, makes this another great issue. The strongest parts of this issue are the single moments between the characters and it really shines through, too. Duggan is doing great work here with the Guardians and Kuder is also presenting them marvelously with his art. Overall, the creative team obviously knows what they’re doing here, and what they’re planning will be exciting to see. What secrets is Gamora hiding, when will Drax consciously destroy again, and who is raising that army of Groots? In the end, if Duggan has not spiked your interest and curiosity with the first two issues then you obviously have not read them! So go pick them up now!

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