Your dreams of having your very own Digivice are finally coming true! Bandai recently released the second promotional video (PV) for the highly anticipated smartphone RPG DIGIMON REARISE. In the same vein of other longstanding anime series, this game brings the magic of DIGIMON right to your fingertips. Instead of the hassle of a larger console, this game will be playable on the go. So, its potential player base is just about anyone with a phone or tablet. The game allows players to explore the DIGIMON world and several dungeon-like locations. As with the anime, the player will have to cooperate with ally Digimon to defeat enemies. This brings in the strategic element of team composition.

For those unfamiliar, DIGIMON, short for ‘digital monsters,’ portrays a world full of strange creatures. These intelligent monsters are known as Digimon. The idea of DIGIMON began with simple virtual pets. These toys were similar to Tamagotchi, albeit from different companies. Later, it progressed into an anime series wherein children equipped with special ‘Digivices’ travel to the digital world. In the DIGIMON anime, Earth’s modern communication networks unintentionally created this world, and it exists mostly undiscovered.

The main protagonists and their partner Digimon from DIGIMON ADVENTURE pose together. DIGIMON REARISE
The Tamers of DIGIMON ADVENTURE, the first DIGIMON anime series | Image: Yahoo

In ‘Digiworld’ (I imagine you’re seeing the pattern here), Digimon have their own virtual lifecycle. They hatch from eggs made of code, evolve into stronger forms, and recompile their code into eggs upon death. This is where the human component of the series comes in. The anime protagonists (called ‘Tamers’) who interact with Digimon can use their Digivices to evolve them and battle adversaries in DigiWorld. In some versions of the anime, the devices even bring Digimon into the real world.

An Intense New PV

The second promotional video introduces the game’s story and cast. DIGIMON REARISE showcases a face-off between Digimon tamers and a mysterious power called “Spiral.” We don’t know too many details beyond that. However, the antagonist of the game is likely similar to those in the anime. Generally, DIGIMON antagonists are either powerful Digimon gone rogue, a sentient virus, an evil human, or some combination therein. Spiral likely falls somewhere in that broad grouping. This promotional video mainly focuses on the Tamers tasked with stopping Spiral. Check it out below:

The trailer also reveals voice actors for several DIGIMON REARISE characters. This comes from both the video and the Bandai website that released it. Playing Erismon, the protagonist’s Digimon partner, is Risa Taneda (HIGH SCHOOL DXD, FOOD WARS). Other Digimon featured in the announcement are Plotmon (Natsumi Takamori), Elecmon (Tasuku Hatanaka), Kudamon (Mariya Ise), Dorumon (Takuya Eguchi), and longtime favorite Agumon (Chika Sakamoto). Human characters include Michi Shinjo (Rie Takahashi), Keito Tamada (Miyu Irino), Mayu Kohinata (Minami Tanaka), and Takumi Hiiragi (Yuma Uchida).

Digivolve and Fight in DIGIMON REARISE!

DIGIMON REARISE is proving to be an incredibly interesting game from a great franchise. As any longtime fans know, DIGIMON is wide and expansive. Of the seven complete DIGIMON anime series, six operate in entirely separate worlds. That means DIGIMON overall has six unique worlds of content to draw from in creating games, movies, and future anime. Given the presence of Agumon, the game will likely weave series references into its own story. DIGIMON REARISE will be free to play with options for in-app purchases.

Thus far, DIGIMON REARISE has released an opening movie and begun pre-registration in Japan. There is no word yet on a US release, but if other anime mobile games serve as any indication, we’ll have it soon enough.

What are you most excited to see in DIGIMON REARISE? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image from Bandai Entertainment.

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