Neon Future #1
NEON FUTURE #1 by Jim Krueger, Tom Bilyeu, Steve Aoki, Matt Colon, Samantha Levenshus, Dana Brawer, Neil Edwards, & Jheremy Raapack
NEON FUTURE #1 sets readers up with a phenomenal story. Visually stunning, this comic is definitely something you don't want to sleep on. With some of the population accepting technology into their life, how will they survive the laws against them?
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Society has shown us a dark future. At this moment, America faces racism, classism, a government shutdown, and an indifferent leader who wants to preserve an ideology that has long been dead. Honestly, we’re in the perfect spot for a comic like NEON FUTURE #1, by writers Jim Krueger, Tom Bilyeu, Steve Aoki, Matt Colon, Samantha Levenshus, Dana Brawer, as well as artists Neil Edwards and Jheremy Raapack.

In a world where technology has found a way to imbed itself into some people, others have found a way to resist it and resent anyone who is enhanced. Instead of direct racism or classism, the comic centers on techno-classism. The people who have integrated technology into their bodies are referred to as the Augmented and those who have not are the Authentic.

This comic addresses topics that are not far from reality in an issue that is absolutely beautiful. NEON FUTURE #1 is absolutely stunning.

Neon Future #1
Image courtesy of Impact Theory Comics

NEON FUTURE #1 — The Hook

Clay Campbell is dead. Well, sort of. A tragic car crash leads to the death of Return America’s star, Clay Campbell. An ambulance arrives on scene, but even the medics joke that perhaps they should have called a hearse instead. Right before calling Clay’s death, the ambulance comes to an abrupt stop. Some of America’s most wanted men from the organization Neon Future demand to take Clay’s body. Shocked and horrified, the medics give up the body.

Neon Future is the resistance group created to counter the Return America group. While Return America wishes to destroy the Augmented, Neon Future wishes to protect them. It is here that group leader, Kita Sovee, instructs his men to bring Clay back to life. However, this creates a lot of friction within the ranks. Clay’s whole mission in life was to destroy the Augmented. Changing him into one is a sign of war. But Kita’s sole focus is on bringing Clay back to life.

Unfortunately for Clay, Kita does a little extra. Clay has no idea yet, but this story sets him up to become either something great or terrible.

Clay Campbell — Modern Hero?

The characters in NEON FUTURE #1 are fully fleshed out. Although we only get a small sense of who each person is, we still have a strong idea of how each character aligns themselves. Kita Sovee is a strong leader, trying to change people’s hearts through conversation rather than force. On the other hand, we see his right-hand man, Mars, who thinks force is the only way to change people. Though we only get small glimpses of who they are, these little moments illustrate the big picture fairly well.

The most catching thing about this comic is the perspective the writers have taken. Instead of our main character being Kita or Mars, we’re seeing everything from the perspective of Clay. Clay is anti-Augmented; he has spent his life trying to eliminate any of the Augmented people and destroy their stronghold. The fight between the Augmented and the Authentic is strikingly similar to the social discourse we’re currently experiencing. This perspective is absolutely fascinating because it’s a flip on what we’ve seen traditionally in comics.

Neon Future #1
Image courtesy of Impact Theory Comics

Although sometimes the politics feel heavy-handed, this is to be expected. Modern comic history starts with political, one-panel comics. To negate comic history and remove politics from comics is an absolute disservice to yourself. This story gives readers a perspective that perhaps they did not consider. Comics are the perfect medium for a story like this!

Visually Stunning

If you don’t pick this story up for the plot, you NEED to pick it up for the art. Each page is absolutely breathtaking. Neil Edwards and Jheremy Raapack perfectly complement the pacing of the story on every page. Edwards and Raapack take us from gritty, dark city to beautiful, bright Cherry Blossom trees in an instant. Each page was phenomenal; I just want to hang them all on my walls.

A lot of the scenes in this issue take place in the city. Edwards and Raapack work hard to capture what the big city in a dystopian world would feel like. One of my favorite scenes is towards the beginning. During an announcement over the jumbo screen, someone throws a Molotov cocktail and sets the whole thing ablaze. The balance between the screen’s blues with the hot, fiery red are stunning. The red makes the city pop and slowly devours the screen. It’s a real delight to watch.

Overall Thoughts on NEON FUTURE #1

If you haven’t heard of NEON FUTURE yet, you will soon. This comic is sure to take us on a creative ride that we won’t forget. Writers Jim Krueger, Tom Bilyeu, Steve Aoki, Matt Colon, Samantha Levenshus, and Dana Brawer do a phenomenal job of keeping our attention. Neil Edwards and Jheremy Raapack follow up with expert art and coloring work. All in all, you need to add this story to your pull list. It’s an absolute must-read!

Don’t worry, NEON FUTURE #1 doesn’t drop at comic shops until March 2019! But you can pick up a copy here now!

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