ComicsVerse: Hello and welcome to our readers. National Senior Citizens Day is this month. On this day, we appreciate all the amazing things that our older citizens have accomplished. So we’ve set up a special interview with two of the most prominent super-heroes of two eras. Please, welcome for Senior Citizen’s Day, Captain America and Bucky Barnes!

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Captain America: Hi. Happy to be here.

Bucky: Hey.

CV: Now, obviously you guys don’t look like your typical senior citizens…

B: Nope. And you have no idea how hard it is to get my senior discount at the supermarket. Three dollars for milk is too much!

CV: …Yeah. So why don’t you explain to the readers exactly how you’ve been in the game for so long?

CA: Certainly. I was given super-solider serum in the 40s and then frozen alive for over fifty years.

B: I was captured by Nazis and Russians, experimented on, and also frozen for a long time.

CV: Wow. Most people just say exercise or wine. So that would put you two at…

CA: We’re in our nineties.

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B: No I’m in my nineties. You’re a hundred, don’t lie to the lady.

CA: Damn whippersnapper…

CV: Wow! So first off, what does it feel like to have played such a major role in two very different eras of history?

CA: Well, it’s an incredible feeling to be such an important part of the last century. At the same time, it’s a lot of adjusting between eras. For one thing, in my day, all the developments they made seemed like they were just for the war. Transmitters, weapons, even clothing was made to help us. Now, there’s been so much progress at home for civilians.

B: Yeah, back then only soldiers would’ve had smartphones. Would’ve won the war a lot faster too, not sat in the trenches tweeting each other.

CA: Bucky…

B: What? You think kids now would survive? Nope, all the Germans would’ve had to do is commandeer their phones and they would’ve surrendered…

CV: Uh, Cap, how do you feel about how things have changed since your day?

CA: Well, there’s obviously much more development then I would have seen normally. For the most part, I can’t complain. The tools that the Avengers and Tony Stark have invented to deal with crime and monitor the world, it’s astounding.

CV: And what about civilian tech?

CA: Well… I do have some complaints there. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to see that things have kept improving, but… sometimes I think people are a little too addicted to tech then they were in my day.

B: Addicted? They’re attached to it! Look at that new Ms. Marvel! She’s stopping a bank robbery WHILE CHECKING HER PHONE!!

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

B: I mean come on! In my day we actually LOOKED at the crime while we were stopping it!

CV: … Let’s move on. You guys have managed to… stay in shape, but there are many other seniors that are still doing a lot despite their age. What does that make you feel about your generation?

CA: Well, to be honest, we weren’t called the greatest generation for nothing. *chuckles*

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CV: I’d have to agree. There are regular people your age that are doing amazing things. There was a Japanese man who climbed Mt. Everest in his eighties. 

CA: I heard. Impressive work for that kid.

CV: A woman who skydived on her hundredth birthday.

B: Yeah, not like WE jump off high things.

CV: And even another woman who benches 150 at seventy-eight years.

B: Really? I think I’d like to meet her.

CA: Bucky…

CV: Not to mention people like Ruth Bader Ginsberg still working on the Supreme Court at eighty-five. How does it make you feel hearing that people from your generation are still doing so much?

CA: Well on hand, Bucky and I have done a lot of things ourselves. We’ve taken on Nazis, AIM, super villains..

B: Slept a lot.

CA: …yes, helped save New York from Carnage, and fought Thanos.

B: And I killed Red Skull!

CA: Didn’t stick, Buck. At the same time, I know we owe our accomplishments to the serum. So to see people my age doing so much on their own, it stirs a lot of feelings. Obviously, it makes me proud to be part of a group that’s proved so capable on their own. I almost feel a little guilty about the serum now. But I really think it’s a sign of the human spirit, that no matter our age, we can always accomplish amazing things.

CV: I’d like to close up one with one last question. What advice would you give the younger generation these days?

CA: Don’t dismiss anyone, and learn from everyone around you. The past is there to teach us. And when you come across something you don’t agree with…

B: Get off the damn phone and do something!

CA: Bucky!

B: Come on Cap, when the war was going on, did you tweet about Hitler, or did you punch him?

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

CA:… OK, you’ve got a point there. Kids, get off the phone. Don’t tweet about people you’re opposed to, punch them! That’s how we solved things in my day…

CV: And we have to go now. Thank you both for your time.

B: Hey, you promised us prunes!

CA: Time to throw my mighty… damn it where’s my shield?

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A big thank you to Cap and Bucky for stopping in. We love them as well as the rest of the super-seniors we know! Who are the super-seniors in your life? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to celebrate them on this National Senior Citizens Day!

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