Namor seeks counsel in efforts to bring back a prosperous Atlantis in this NAMOR: THE BEST DEFENSE #1 preview. Some of his advisors agree with his logic, while others voice their disapproval of the king. This leaves Namor needing introspection. See what path he chooses in the preview below!



Written by: Chip Zdarsky

Art by: Carlos Magno

Cover by: Ron Garney

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“THE BEST DEFENSE” PART TWO! The Monarch of the Oceans has declared war once more on the surface world in the pages of AVENGERS. And if this is a war that Namor means to win, he is going to need allies to stand beside him! The Sub-Mariner’s quest for a lost tribe of sea-dwellers carries him further than he ever thought possible—and to a reckoning both strange and wonderful! And hey, what’s up with that weird apparition in the sheet, anyway?

NAMOR: THE BEST DEFENSE #1 Preview Image Gallery

Defenders Namor #1 Defenders Namor #1 Defenders Namor #1 Defenders Namor #1

Defenders Namor #1
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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