This week in our SEX CRIMINALS feature, we’re going to talk about the main character, Suzie.

Suzie’s Mom: What, Suzie?
Middle-school Suzie: I had a few questions?
Suzie’s Mom: About what, Suzie?
Middle-school Suzie: You know. Sex questions.
Suzie’s Mom: Great. Now I’m raising a w****. (takes drink)
Present Suzie: (narration) Strike three.

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In middle school, Suzie’s father was killed in a workplace accident. After he died, Suzie’s mother began drinking, and her relationship with her daughter suffered greatly. Suzie finally realized that if she took a bath and ducked her head beneath the water she couldn’t hear her mother crying. One day, she slid further down the tub than usual, and she ended up orgasming for the first time. She was in middle school, so naturally she knew what was going to happen – or so she thought. Instead, Suzie opened her eyes to swirling colors and the realization that time had stopped for everyone but her.

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Suzie is smart, sweet, pragmatic, flirty and about a hundred more adjectives. From a young age, Suzie is curious and easily intrigued, going out of her way to find things out. When she was told “no” by her mom and others, a young Suzie went on a desperate mission to see if this visit to The Quiet, as she calls it, was normal.

Of course, nothing came out of using the “resources of the public school system,” so she decided to experiment. She continued these visits to The Quiet, visiting her local library and discovering a way to catalogue the data from her research. This began her lifelong love for libraries.

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Meeting Jon, sixteen years later, is a funny time for Suzie because the two of them went into the relationship thinking it was a one night stand. Nope. The realization that they both have this ability makes them immediately closer, as shared experiences are wont to do.

Since that point, the two of them have gotten into a lot of trouble. Once they fooled around with their power for a little bit, they decided to rob a bank to save Suzie’s library. The first time they attempt this, they run into the aptly named ‘Sex Police’, other people who can go to The Quiet, only they try to stop people from doing bad things.

In recent issues of SEX CRIMINALS, Suzie and Jon have been trying to come to terms with the fact that they love each other. Neither of them have said it to the other yet, but it’s clear that they want to – they’re just waiting for the right time.

sex criminals

One of the great things about Suzie is that she is a sex positive woman. She’s inspired many women to be more open about their sexuality. In the back of SEX CRIMINALS issues, there is a ‘letters to the creators’ section. One of these letters said, “I’m really happy about the pervading theme of ‘sex is not an evil bad thing we must never, ever talk about ever’.” Another admits that she was a late bloomer who didn’t lose her virginity till later in life, “but like Suzie and Jon, I’ve realized that there are people out there who make it feel ok, no matter how weird and/or new your sexual history is. So yeah… thank you.”

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Matt Fraction, writer of SEX CRIMINALS, wanted to make the book honest and real, to make women feel okay about their sexuality. In an interview with Wired, Fraction said, “comics have done a lot of f****** wrong to its representations of women, let alone women’s sexuality.”

This is one of the reasons that SEX CRIMINALS, specifically its treatment of Suzie, has been received so wonderfully. It’s amazing to see how well sex, sexuality, and women can be written in comics when people are taking the time to be respectful and to get it right.

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