MY HERO ACADEMIA’s upcoming fighting game, MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE, is one of the most awaited titles out there. Finally, on August 19, Bandai Namco’s official YouTube channel released an 11-minute long gameplay preview for it.

Among anime fans, one of the best parts about a series is being able to put yourself into it. While reading hundreds of pages or watching countless hours is entertaining, playing a story is a bit different. And for a shonen anime as reliant on unique powers as MY HERO ACADEMIA, this is even more important. That’s why the game has massive appeal; it’s a battleground for the matchups we’ve already seen and want to see. I personally will be spending several hundred dollars on anime games in the next month. Even if my wallet says otherwise, MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE will be the first purchase I make.

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MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE is a fighting game featuring characters from the hit anime and manga MY HERO ACADEMIA. The game is a 3D fighting environment with interactive elements, unique moves, and fluid movement. On top of that, environments are destructible. This basically means that when Bakugo blows up the stage, he actually blows up the stage with rubble to prove it. The series chronicles Izuku Midoriya, a boy born without any superpowers (called “Quirks”) in a world where 80% of people have them. Eventually, the world’s greatest superhero gives Midoriya a Quirk of his own.

The series and game both follow the students of UA Academy, a superhero school which Midoriya attends. Joining him and his classmates are several heroes and villains from the series. Thus far, the roster is at 20 characters, which is pretty nice for an anime’s first fighting title.

An Exciting New (and Long!) Trailer!

Bandai Namco is well known for adapting series like ONE PIECE and NARUTO into fighting games, and now they’re pulling out all the stops for MY HERO ACADEMIA. The game features a support system such that players bring three characters into each battle. MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE is exceptionally similar to NARUTO ULTIMATE NINJA STORM in that regard. If that game’s success is any indication, this game will be super fun to play, even if not quite as skill based as arcade games like DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ. Check out the new extended gameplay trailer for MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE here:

As you can see in the preview, there are a massive variety of super moves from the anime. The gameplay looks a bit…floaty at first glance. But, overall, the game looks rather good in terms of quality. Characters have a variety of fighting techniques based on their Quirks and style. So, someone like Midoriya fights differently from All Might despite the two having the same Quirk. This likely means that there will be an additional layer of strategy. Certain characters will do well against others based on what sort of moves their move-set contains.

A lot of fighting will likely involve careful timing with the invincibility frames of certain attacks. Players will be able to have a lot of fun playing around with different combination assaults to produce unique combos from characters and support. Even more, you can replicate iconic fights from the series for yourself.

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You Should be Excited about MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE

MY HERO ACADEMIA is without a doubt the anime with the fastest growing fan base. Since the release of Season 3, countless anime fans have discovered the exciting show. For shonen watchers, the amazing combat makes it a no-brainer. For fans of other anime genres, the show contains enough thematic depth to cover them. Put simply, the days of stale shonen anime with half-assed protagonists and lazy plot are over.

MY HERO ACADEMIA is setting a new standard of storytelling quality with its immersive world of superheroes and villains. So, MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE will likely build upon this incredible standard and take it in a fresh direction. This game is a must purchase for fans of the series. If you’re like me and want to pre-order, you can do so here. And, buying the game now will grant you exclusive access to Endeavor! MY HERO ACADEMIA ONE’S JUSTICE drops for PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One on October 26th in the west.

Featured image via YouTube.

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