We found out in early December of 2017 that Bandai Namco Entertainment would be releasing a video game to the popular MY HERO ACADEMIA franchise. On April 13th, Bandai released an official trailer teasing the game. For starters, MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE allows players to send each other crashing through nearby buildings in its destructible environment feature. Players can also use a sidekick support system to gain the upper-hand in battle. These features, plus a confirmed 2018 release date, are on full display in Bandai’s trailer below:

If you aren’t familiar with the franchise, Kohei Horikoshi wrote and illustrated the action/comedy manga series MY HERO ACADEMIA in 2014. Studio Bones then adapted the popular manga into an anime series in 2015. The story follows Izuku Midoriya, a boy born without superpowers, or “quirks,” in a world where they’re the norm. Despite not having any quirks himself, Midoriya dreams of becoming a superhero like the legendary All Might. The two finally meet when All Might rescues Midoriya from a villain one day. After recognizing Midoriya’s strong desire to become a hero, All Might shares a bit of his power with him. Using his newfound quirk Midoriya enrolls in a high school for superheroes becoming one step closer to making his dream a reality.

MY HERO ACADEMIA Movie and Video Game Announced

Breaking Down the Trailer

For a pretty simple trailer, there’s a lot to break down here. Let’s start with the simple fact that this is Bandai Namco, who is no stranger to adapting anime into games. They’ve done it with the NARUTO ULTIMATE NINJA STORM franchise, ONE PIECE: BURNING BLOOD, and most recently DRAGON BALL FIGHTER Z, all of them turning out to be successful games. In other words, fans shouldn’t worry about ONE’S JUSTICE being good. People should only worry about getting addicted to the game!

ONE JUSTICE’S sister game, DRAGON BALL FIGHTER Z, used a combat system heavily reliant on the player’s skills. This was great for veteran players of the franchise, but newcomers to the game struggled to adapt to these nuances. Bandai seems to be returning to the combat system present in BURNING BLOOD and ULTIMATE NINJA STORM. The combinations are much easier to pull off, making it a more inclusive gaming experience.

The destructible environment and sidekick support system aren’t anything new, but they’re undervalued game mechanics. Destructible environments add a three-dimensional feel to the game, which makes them feel a bit more realistic. The support system helps players in combat by calling upon a friend to perform a certain action. The trailer shows side character Shoto Todoroki freezing an opponent, allowing the player to finish their combo.

Shoto shows off his fire and ice quirk in some gameplay in My Hero One's Justice!
Shoto shows off his unique quirk in some gameplay! | Image: One’s Justice Website

Last, but certainly not least, Bandai’s trailer teases a huge cast of characters. We expected to see all of the main characters teased earlier in the trailer, but some extended characters reared their heads too. Villains Stain, Class 1-A teacher Shota Aizawa, and All Might are just some of the newly revealed playable characters.


MY HERO ACADEMIA went from being a simple story about a boy with a dream to the biggest thing in anime. They’ve released trading card games, 3DS and smartphone games, and movies within the past few years. MY HERO ACADEMIA recently started their third season too, and it seems like people can’t get enough of this charming franchise. Moving into the video game world is a brilliant move by Bandai and it seems like they’ve captured lightning in a bottle with their latest trailer. Only time will tell if MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE can live up to all the hype, but things certainly look promising so far.

Featured Image Courtesy of My Hero One’s Justice Website

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