In a world like MY HERO ACADEMIA’s, the only limit is your imagination. The series seems to have no end of it, constantly introducing new heroes and powers as its second season continues into the summer. Powers, or Quirks, can consist of nearly anything you can think of. How a hero uses his Quirk holds even more possibilities. MY HERO ACADEMIA celebrates thinking outside the box and being as weird as you can be. And lately, the online world has been embracing that wholeheartedly.

A sudden influx of MY HERO ACADEMIA original characters, or OCs, has taken Twitter by storm. Using the hashtag #BNHAOC (BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA Original Character) artists began posting profiles and descriptions of their self-created heroes. These OCs are usually framed as students from the show’s famous U.A. High.

The BNHAOC hashtag has existed since at least 2016, but only now is it booming in popularity. Some artists flesh out their characters as much as possible, listing favorite foods and other character trivia similar to what MY HERO ACADEMIA creator Kohei Horikoshi does in the manga. Others are content to simply discuss the range of their Quirks’ abilities and favorite battle strategies. Additionally, artists will often reach out to each other and imagine scenarios where their characters interact, bringing collaboration to a whole new level.

No matter what they’re meant to do, every OC is brimming with the love and creativity their creators poured into them. Check out some of them below!

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Introducing New Heroes!

Created by Twitter user @Freed_Alice

Inori’s Quirk, Connect the Dots, allows him to connect both objects and people to each other. I love the detail of green dots appearing on his body whenever his Quirk activates. Also that hair texture! His anxiety around others is relatable, but I hope he can make some friends soon. His creator added a lot of extra sketches and notes, which you can find in the original tweet.

Created by Twitter user @_mellkt

What a cool gal! Ryoka can control her dragon tattoos, which she named Pipi and Gonzales. Her cheerful smile and adorable naming sense make her very charming. However, she seems to hold a mischievous streak as well — hopefully she doesn’t get into too much trouble. I’m curious how she looks in the hoodies mentioned in the notes! You can find her original tweet here.

Created by Twitter user @poopplio

Chikara’s cloning Quirk requires a special trigger, which suits his high energy. He has a cute look and his animated expressions are infectious! His costume matches his hero name, combining to make a great cat burglar impression. Also, if you look closely, you’ll notice that his beauty mark isn’t present on any of his clones. This and more trivia are explained in his original tweet!

Created by Twitter user @ginkohs

Kinsei can switch the weights of any two objects, himself included. It requires careful attention and involves some unsavory side effects, especially when it comes to his own limitations. That he can maintain a lax and carefree attitude despite this is quite endearing! I also admire his clever and convenient uses for his Quirk in his daily life. More details about those are in the original tweet.

One For All

Something can be said about a series when, beyond its own imagination and creativity, it is able to inspire others to create as well. MY HERO ACADEMIA is all about bringing out the best in people — whoever they are, whatever their Quirk is. In the real world, that message has allowed fans everywhere to share and discuss their ideas, no matter how unconventional, through a show they all love. In other words, thanks to the anime, a community that welcomes and encourages new works and collaboration is in full bloom.

Twitter user @poopplio affirms that they “absolutely love seeing other people’s OCs on Twitter.” Although they initially joined the bandwagon because they enjoyed the series, they’ve also come to appreciate seeing fellow fans’ “awesome characters and… how creative they can be.”

@_mellkt also expressed excitement at the opportunity to see everyone else’s ideas and sharing her own. “It’s crazy what people come up with,” she adds.

For Twitter users, @ginkohs and @Freed_Alice, the community itself is what brought them to participate in the first place.

“I basically wanted my own character so he could be friends with [other OCs] and interact with them,” says @ginkohs. “[This hashtag] is something anyone can participate in . . . It’s really fun!”

@Freed_Alice has a similar story, explaining, “I saw that a good deal of my own friends . . . made their own BNHA OCs . . . and I wanted to make one or two that could interact with them all.” They add, “It’s really inspiring the kind of OCs people will end up making.”

One for all, indeed.

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Plus Ultra!

You can find more amazing MY HERO ACADEMIA OCs by checking out #BNHAOC or just searching the term on Twitter. The sky’s the limit, and there are all sorts of unique heroes and Quirks out there. Even the more classic powers like Chikara’s can have an unusual twist to them.

Most importantly, if you find yourself inspired during your search, don’t be afraid to let your own imagination run wild! Sketch, discuss, declare — go all out. The world could always use more heroes, and the community would be thrilled to have you.

Special thanks to Twitter users @Freed_Alice, @_mellkt, @poopplio, and @ginkohs for their permission and comments!

Featured image screenshotted from Crunchyroll.

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