Plus Ultra! Anyone who has been following MY HERO ACADEMIA is sure to be anxiously awaiting Season 3. The first two seasons were incredibly action-packed, and waiting months for another has been devastating. But ahead of Season 3’s April 2018 release, MY HERO ACADEMIA has released images for new characters central to the upcoming story arc.

For those unfamiliar with the series at all, MY HERO ACADEMIA takes place in a world where special abilities are exceedingly common. Colloquially known as ‘Quirks,’ these powers are present in about 80% of the population. Nearly every child is born with one and the government regulates their use. The story follows Midoriya Izuku, a boy born without a Quirk despite both his parents having one. But, by proving himself to his lifelong idol, the hero All Might, Midoriya is able to inherit his Quirk. He then applies and is admitted to the prestigious hero course at UA Academy, where students pursue standard academics and learn how to become superheroes.

Midoriya’s Quirk is impressive, but there are drawbacks. While it grants him incredible power, he lacks the advantage of experience that most have. Midoriya’s potential as he becomes a true hero is marked by the unique and creative ways he masters his newfound power and uses it to help others. Toward the end of Season 2, supervillain Shigaraki Tomura hints at the tragic origins of Midoriya’s power. He’ll have to overcome even more than he already has as he’s tossed in the middle of struggle that’s persisted for generations.

While I won’t personally spoil that secret for you, many who have read ahead in the manga can confirm the next few arcs are some of the best. The beginning of MY HERO ACADEMIA focused heavily on learning to use powers and introduced viewers to the structure of the world. Season two followed up with slow introductions into the real world, giving heroes in training a taste of what life is like after graduation.

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Fresh Faces

The new cast members are mostly members of the Pussycats, a group of heroes prominent in the next arc. As those who’ve watched Season 2 will remember, Midoriya and company are all going to a training camp to master their quirks. All of these characters will help the UA students get even stronger. Check out the new additions to the cast below!

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MY HERO ACADEMIA Movie and Video Game Announced

Onward to April for more MY HERO ACADEMIA!

These next two months will probably feel like a functional eternity. But don’t fret, there’s still plenty of MY HERO ACADEMIA content around! If you happen to be near Japan, check out screenings of the MY HERO ACADEMIA movie! For those of us stateside, there are two seasons ripe for re-watching. As someone who tends to forget minor details across seasons, I’ll certainly be re-binging everything ahead of Season 3. There’s also a video game covering the Sports Festival Arc is available for Nintendo 3DS. And later this year, ‘MY HERO ACADEMIA: One’s Justice’ rolls out for Nintendo Switch and PS4.

MY HERO ACADEMIA broke barriers of shonen anime by committing to the development of all of its characters. While many shows simply build up the protagonists and put focus on action, MY HERO ACADEMIA hits everything. Even characters that seem insignificant at first have backstories organically woven into every fight. Not everything in a world with superpowers is glamorous, and this show reminds viewers of that. With good comes evil, and Season 3 will expose Midoriya and his classmates to the world’s darker sides. Like most of you, I can’t wait for more and more of that heart-pounding action.

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