On April 11th, 2018, TOHO animation uploaded a video announcing a MY HERO ACADEMIA and AVENGERS collaboration. With the release of MY HERO ACADEMIA’s third season and the upcoming April 27th debut of INFINITY WAR, there’s no better time for these popular superhero titles to collide! Check out the heroic crossover video below:

This cleverly edited ad is just one part of the crossover project. An official site for the collaboration features links to the promotional short as well as six more videos! The site also includes links to the MY HERO ACADEMIA and AVENGERS Japanese promotional Twitters, where they are hosting a contest for the campaign. Twitter users who follow both accounts can tweet about their favorite character comparison for a chance to win one of 20 special campaign posters.

The MY HERO ACADEMIA and AVENGERS posters. The MHA poster, featuring Deku, Katsuki, All-Might, and friends, mirrors the AVENGERS movie poster on the left.
A side-by-side of the MY HERO ACADEMIA and AVENGERS posters. | Image: Collaboration site

One poster features a promotional image for AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, while the other mirrors it with the cast of MY HERO ACADEMIA. All-Might takes the place of Iron Man and Deku shadows Captain America. Meanwhile, Katsuki shares Peter Quill’s role, Tomura mirrors Thanos, and, hilariously, Mineta copies Rocket Raccoon. Interestingly, the posters are only for artistic appeal and not meant as an actual character analysis. But don’t worry; six characters from MY HERO ACADEMIA step up to introduce an AVENGER they relate to in another part of the campaign.


The crossover site features a set of six longer videos following the initial promo. Each clip spans about two minutes in length and stars the cast of MY HERO ACADEMIA as they introduce their Marvel counterparts.

In his video, Deku introduces Captain America. According to the Anime News Network, he admires Captain America because they both worked to earn their powers and use them to protect others. Deku’s choice is unsurprising, considering how similar Captain America and All-Might are. Both share a strong sense of moral justice (and color scheme!). These factors no doubt have a lot to do with Deku’s choice. Already, fans have started debates on Reddit over which red, white, and blue hero would win in a fight.

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However, All-Might has different ideas about his Marvel counterpart. He introduces the mighty Hulk in his promotional clip. All-Might identifies with Dr. Banner, who is gentle and kind until agitated. Another similarity All-Might shares with the Hulk is the nature of his power. His Quirk, One For All, allows him to transform into a more muscular version of himself — just like the Hulk!

Katsuki discusses Iron Man, whose suit shares a similar power to the explosions Katsuki channels through his hands. In her video, Ochaco aspires to be like her idol, the powerful and beautiful Black Widow. Doctor Strange, who fights evil without killing his enemies, is highly respected by Tenya. He emphasizes in his clip that other heroes-in-training should learn from Doctor Strange and try to settle things peacefully, instead of resorting to violence. And finally, the last video features everyone’s favorite emo boy. Shoto compares himself to Thor due to their shared strong elemental powers. Tenya even comments that both Thor and Shoto follow in the footsteps of their heroic fathers in the clip.

The Ambitions of MY HERO ACADEMIA’s Collaboration

MY HERO ACADEMIA is no stranger to crossovers. In December 2017, the creator, Kohei Horikoshi, drew a promotional poster for STAR WARS. The AVENGERS project might not be the first collaboration with MY HERO ACADEMIA, but it’s without a doubt the most ambitious.

MY HERO ACADEMIA Creator Draws STAR WARS Promotional Poster

Will the beloved superhero anime continue to see creative collaborative works in its future? As long as MY HERO ACADEMIA fans are as enthusiastic as ever, the future is undoubtedly bright. With the show now available for streaming via Crunchyroll and Funimation‘s tireless efforts to simuldub it, the third season of this epic superhero anime is bound to be as action-packed as the rest. Plus Ultra!!!

Featured image courtesy of TOHO Official YouTube.

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