If you’re anything like me, the first thing you do when you wake up on a Saturday morning is jump over to your laptop and check on the new MY HERO ACADEMIA episode. Like a kid looking for his Saturday morning cartoons, this anime has become a weekend ritual for tons of fans. This week, unfortunately, the series is on a mid-season break, meaning there is no new episode until next week. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s absolutely nothing new to check out. In lieu of an episode, MY HERO ACADEMIA released a special trailer via social media. This trailer offers a new look at the second half of Season 3. New characters, new super moves, and all around greatness are in every second of it!

Season 3 hit this midway point shortly after all the students moved onto UA’s Campus. Bakugo’s kidnapping acted as a major PR crisis for the school and hero society writ large. As such, UA felt they had to do things that both guarantee the safety of students and made it clear said safety was a top priority. But, moving away from home into an environment that could get you killed is not easy for a doting parent to accept.

As we saw with Midoriya’s mother, heroism often equates to pain and harsh trials. Plus, a lot of students’ Quirks are really made for direct combat. So, any ‘heroic feat’ they accomplish comes from putting their own body directly in harm’s way. And while doing so is great, it can be torture for those around you to contend with injury, especially when they’re your parents.

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The Fresh, Exciting Trailer!

The trailer launched through most social media platforms early today around the same time the episode would normally drop. For those of you who either haven’t started Season 3 or are still a bit behind, this will give you a taste of what’s to come. For weekly watchers, it’ll only boost your excitement. This is even more true for manga readers. I think many would agree with me when I say that the next two arcs are some of the best. Our fledgling heroes get even closer to being able to act like real ones. As a result, the kind of action we sporadically see now is way more common. Here’s the full MY HERO ACADEMIA trailer:

Notable here are Midoriya’s new outfit and own words. We can also hear him say, toward the beginning, “One for All: Shoot Style.” While I won’t spoil the actual significance of a new technique for non-manga readers, I will say it’s badass. Midoriya now has metal braces added onto his standard hero outfit, so it’s likely he’s getting serious about adapting his combat. Plus, it seems MY HERO ACADEMIA is really getting a massive overhaul in terms of training. There are new challenges beyond their own training. In addition to what they’ve already been doing, it seems we’ll get to meet plenty of new hero students!

If you don’t remember Aizawa mentioning it last episode, this next arc follows the Provisional Hero License exam. A Provisional License allows students to participate in heroic activities and use their Quirks. For Class 1-A, that means they won’t be coddled during every little invasion. But, the license won’t come easy. We’ll get to see them train hard and test even harder.

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The Second Half of MY HERO ACADEMIA

Having no new episode this week is somewhat disheartening. But, the new trailer sated the weekly need for hype. Like all good anime, there is some necessity for breaks not just for the content, but for creators. After all, the staff that works hard to produce entertainment for millions deserve reprieve too sometimes. While we wait for the premiere of the second cour on July 14th, do what I did, and watch the trailer 24 times. Then, you’ve got about a full-length episode of content for the off week. In addition, the trailer features a brand new opening song called “Make my Story” by Lenny Code Fiction.

All jokes aside, this is looking to make an incredible Season 3 even better. Who are you most excited to see from the trailer? Who do you hope gets some more screen time? Give us your (spoiler free!) thoughts in the comments!

Featured Image screenshotted from Facebook.

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