This summer, Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk, is teaming up with Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Warpath, and Domino in the WEAPONS OF MUTANT DESTRUCTION crossover event. The six powered partners are joining forces to try and stop the newly revived, clandestine Weapon X program and their suspicious new experiment, “Batch H.” According to the preview art, “Batch H” may be a Hulk with adamantium claws. A Hulk with adamantium claws, people! In anticipation for this titanic team-up, we created a guide to the Weapon X program, including its history and many popular members.

Patriotic Beginnings

Weapon X was first mentioned by Wolverine in his debut in THE INCREDIBLE HULK #180-#181. For a while, characters just referred to Weapon X as a mysterious, shadowy organization with ties to Wolverine. Writer Grant Morrison revealed during his run on NEW X-MEN that the program goes all the way back to World War II. The Weapon Plus program began with Weapon I — a.k.a Captain America. Dr. Abraham Erskine started the program (nicknamed “Project: Rebirth”) with another German scientist, the malevolent Nazi sympathizer Dr. Koch. Prior to Captain America, Erskine found early success with Isaiah Bradley, the African-American Captain America. After Erskine’s success with Steve Rogers, he was assassinated, and his plans for the Super Soldier Serum died with him.

Weapons of Mutant Destruction
Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Koch took over the program for a short time before Bradley killed him. After Koch’s death, the program began implementing cruel experiments on animals and humans. Before Weapon X existed, Weapon Plus created other super-powered heroes and villains, including Weapon VI (Luke Cage) and Weapon VII (Nuke), the latter being most recently seen on Netflix’s JESSICA JONES series. Prior to Weapon X, Weapon Plus helped create a CIA black ops team named Team X, which included current and future test subjects Logan, Sabretooth, Maverick, and Logan’s former lover, Silver Fox. Then came Weapon X.

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Weapon X

Weapon X, the tenth iteration of Weapon Plus, was the first to experiment on mutants. The secret facility moved from America to Canada, and Weapon X operated through the Canadian government’s mysterious Department K. As seen in Barry Windsor Smith’s brilliant “Weapon X” story arc in MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS, Weapon X agents kidnapped Logan, who quit Team X years prior and was working with the Canadian government, and began experimenting on him to create a mindless killing machine that could, in theory, be controlled by Weapon X. They wiped Logan’s memories prior to Team X. Then, they grafted pure adamantium, a nigh-unbreakable metal, to Logan’s bones. This process gave Logan extreme pain, to the point of making him a mindless berserker animal.

Weapons of Mutant Destruction
Image courtesy of Marvel Comics

Logan’s excruciating pain, combined with his mindless rage, gave him the strength to break out of his holding tube. Logan went on a murderous rampage, killing numerous soldiers and scientists, including Dr. Dale Rice, whose son, Zander, would later become obsessed with cloning Logan.

Weapon X Hits the ’90s

With Logan’s escape, Weapon X split ties with Weapon Plus. Weapon X stayed partnered with Department K while Weapon Plus created other experiments, including Fantomex and the Stepford Cuckoos.

A few years after Logan, Department K reinstated the Weapon X program, looking to take another crack at creating a mindless super-weapon. They recruited a multitude of ne’er-do-wells, including the young, terminally cancer-ridden mercenary Wade Wilson, into their program. They experimented on the test subjects, but none came out as expected. As seen in Joe Kelly’s DEADPOOL AND DEATH ANNUAL #1, Wilson and other failures were sent to “The Workshop,” a laboratory run by the demented Dr. Killebrew. Killebrew tortured the rejects with cruel experiments, including injecting samples of Logan’s healing factor into Wilson. The constant experiments drove Wilson insane. The healing factor also left his body permanently scarred, a byproduct of his cancer cells being in constant combat with his new regenerating ability. Wilson, under the name Deadpool, eventually freed the patients and escaped.

Weapons of Mutant Destruction
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Before shutting its doors again, Weapon X created another success: Garrison Kane. Weapon X turned Kane into a cyborg after he became a quadruple amputee. After Kane, Weapon X temporarily disbanded. Going by the name “Weapon X,” Kane became a spy for Department K, battling the likes of Deadpool and his former boss, Cable.

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The Facility

Director Martin Sutter, a friend of Dale Rice, and Dale’s vengeful son Zander created an offshoot of Weapon X, entitled The Facility. After 22 failed attempts to clone Wolverine, Dr. Sarah Kinney, a geneticist who Sutter hired to help with the cloning process, realized the key was to make the clone female. Zander forcefully impregnated Kinney with her experiment, and she gave birth to Laura Kinney, a.k.a X-23.

The facility laced Laura’s claws with adamantium, like Logan, her “father.” She became an assassin-for-hire who went into a murderous rage whenever she smelled a triggering scent. Eventually, Laura killed Sutter, Rice, and Kinney. She then escaped and became a member of the New X-Men.

Colcord’s Weapon X

Malcolm Colcord, a former Weapon X guard who Logan disfigured during his escape, created a new US-based Weapon X. Under the guise of creating more living weapons, Colcord’s true intention was to create mutant death camps. At the first camp, called Neverland, guards killed mutants in the camp’s gas chambers. Colcord recruited multiple former Weapon X subjects, including Sabretooth, Deadpool, Kane, and Wildchild.

After a revolt led by Cable, Colcord escaped and ordered the execution of all mutants currently held at the facility. Since then, the Weapon X program stayed dormant. That is, until now.

Previously in WEAPON X

Here is what has happened in Greg Pak’s new WEAPON X series in the lead-up to WEAPONS OF MUTANT DESTRUCTION. In X-MEN PRIME #1, Lady Deathstrike is captured by the mysterious Carla, a woman who seems unfazed when Deathstrike stabs her in the chest with her cybernetic adamantium claws. Not long after, in WEAPON X #1, a pair of adamantium-laced cybernetic assassins that dress in faux-human skin ambush Old Man Logan. After a skirmish, they bring a sample of his tissue back to the newly-reinstated Weapon X facilities.

Weapons of Mutant Destruction
Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The new Weapon X tracks mutants with unique powers and sends the cybernetic assassins to collect tissue samples. They send the samples to a secret facility for further experimentation. Logan catches wind of this and, along with Sabretooth, goes on a mission to track and stop the robots. Along the way, they rescue Domino from the assassins. Later, they meet up with Amadeus Cho after the same assassins attacked him. Cho’s state-of-the-art tracking technology leads the gang to a Weapon X facility, where they find Warpath and Lady Deathstrike. Unfortunately, an assassin takes a sample of Cho’s Hulk DNA and sends it to another facility. Cho and the mutants must find the main facility before something horrible is created, but they may be too late. The program’s new head, the previously-dead Reverend William Stryker, is waiting for them.

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Find out what happens next in the WEAPONS OF MUTANT DESTRUCTION crossover event! It starts with WEAPONS OF MUTANT DESTRUCTION ALPHA #1, on comic stands right now! It continues throughout the summer in issues of TOTALLY AWESOME HULK and WEAPON X.

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