Ah, anime openings — the steady way many of us anime fans indulge in a little bit of our favorite series throughout the day. For any new anime series, the opening music is often the biggest part of its first impression. As such, hard-hitting shonen anime often have equally hard-hitting themes. A romance or slice of life series might opt for something a bit more gentle and light. This is extremely standard practice for anime but rarely is that first impression showcased as beautifully as with DEVILS’ LINE. In order to promote the upcoming formal release of the opening song, “Eclipse,” Shouta Aoi has released a complete music video. While DEVILS’ LINE has been airing for several weeks, this video is preempting the official release of the opening song as vinyl in stores and online.

DEVILS' LINE protagonist Yuuki Anzai with the eyes of a Devil
DEVILS’ LINE protagonist Yuuki Anzai with the eyes of a Devil | Image: Vertical Comics

For those unfamiliar with DEVILS’ LINE, the series chronicles a love story in a society twisted by monsters and crime. ‘Devils’ in this case aren’t of the Judaeo-Christian variety. They are humanoid and for all intents and purposes just like anyone else. But when they get agitated, or even just excited, bloodlust overtakes them. Compared to humans, Devils are incredibly strong and quick. They often kill civilians, completely draining their blood. Series protagonist Yuuki Anzai is a half-devil and works with a police unit specializing in Devil’s crimes. Male Devils especially prey on women frequently, so Anzai uses his enhanced physicality to take them down. During his work, he rescues college student Tsukasa Taira, causing an instant bond between the two. DEVILS’ LINE explores the difficulties of their romance and living amongst Devils in general.

DEVILS’ LINE Trailer Shows Off a Bloody Romance

The Metal Music Video

Our early look at the complete music video comes from Aoi’s official Youtube channel. The song “Eclipse” was written by renowned composer Noriyasu Agematsu. Agematsu writes music for BanG Dream! and is both the creator and music producer for SYMPHOGEAR. Check out the dark visuals to match the music you already know and love below:

The video features Aoi jamming out in a warehouse, donning all black and lots of leather. In fact, upon closer inspection, Aoi at times resembles Anzai himself. To further this and draw even more connections to the show, there’s plenty of blood in the video. Several moments briefly show blood flowing from Aoi’s arm to accompany his screaming lyricism in the background. Truly, the video weaves together an emotional experience through its combined use of imagery and Aoi’s own song.

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Great Music from DEVILS’ LINE

Aoi’s single officially releases on Wednesday, May 9th. This is Aoi’s ninth single overall. If you’re willing to shell out 1,900 Yen (17.41 US Dollars), you can buy a limited edition first press vinyl. For an anime collectible of any kind, that’s a steal. If you want to hear this song on a weekly basis, check out the DEVILS’ LINE anime on HIDIVE. And once you’re finished binge-watching your way through the available episodes, you can check out the available manga from Vertical Comics!

What did you think of this dark music video? How’re you liking the DEVILS’ LINE anime thus far? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image from AnimeAnime

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