Director Morgan Neville seems to be building a career on exploring the hidden sides of the music industry. His 2013 Academy Award-winning documentary 20 FEET FROM STARDOM explored the unsung heroes of live performance: background singers. 20 FEET FROM STARDOM is a raw and potent exploration of these amazing talents who have provided the soundtracks to our lives and enhanced the great music of modern times. His latest documentary, THE MUSIC OF STRANGERS: YO-YO MA AND THE SILK ROAD ENSEMBLE, once again gives the spotlight to a unique group of artists.

In the documentary, Neville explores an eclectic group of musicians brought together by the maestro Yo-Yo Ma. From HBO’s press release:

“THE MUSIC OF STRANGERS explores Ma’s storied life and career, and profiles some of the collective’s members, including: Kinan Azmeh, a Syrian clarinet player and composer; Wu Man, a pipa player and composer from China; Kayhan Kalhor, an Iranian kamancheh player and composer; and Cristina Pato, a bagpiper, pianist and composer from Spain.”

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The documentary will be hitting HBO on March 6 and, judging by Neville’s prior work, will doubtlessly prove to be an intimate portrait of this group of multinational artists. There will no doubt be a cathartic element to seeing a group of diverse artists whose music reaches across borders. And, according to HBO’s description, “In the process, they model for us a way to understanding the Other…[if] there’s anything we should be doing today, it’s that, because so many forces in our world want us to be scared of the Other.”

If Morgan Neville manages to wring out even a fraction of the pathos he got out of 20 FEET FROM STARDOM, then THE MUSIC OF STRANGERS will definitely be a documentary to check out when it hits HBO on March 6. Check out the trailer for the documentary here and share your thoughts on the doc in the comments below!

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