DAREDEVIL is now streaming on Netflix! Here are our DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns for episodes 11-13 with pros and cons. Everything comes to a head in these last episodes. Will Matt kill Fisk? Who will be caught in the crossfire?

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Episode 11

Episode 11 begins with Maggie walking down the street. As she comes closer to the church she sees people running away in fear. She also sees Dex, still in his Daredevil suit, leaving the scene. She hears that Daredevil killed Father Lantom. Dex goes down an alleyway, killing two men in his frustration for his failure to kill Karen. he tells Nadeem to assume command of the situation and lock down the church.

Matt wakes up and goes to the basement with Karen. Karen says it’s her fault Lantom is dead. She came to warn him that Fisk knows who Matt is. Matt already knows this and tells Karen that because he went to rescue her, he lost his shot to take Fisk out. He then hears Dex and Nadeem upstairs. Maggies tries to stall them, and Nadeem tells Dex that he didn’t sign up for this. Dex tells him he did. They go to search downstairs, but Maggie keeps them away from where Matt and Karen are hiding.

After they leave, Karen tells Matt about her plan to provoke Fisk. Matt tells her she’s brave. She then tells him about her killing Wesley. She says she never told Matt about it because he always treated her like she was innocent. Matt then tells Karen he plans to kill Fisk. It has to be done. Karen then tells Matt about what happened in Vermont. She warns him that after taking a life, there’s no atonement or coming back from it. What if it’s the way back for him, Matt asks.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Fisk is Exonerated

Fisk exits the hotel with his lawyers. Outside is a crowd with reporters and protesters. His lawyer Donovan says that Fisk’s conviction is overturned and justice has prevailed. Wilson Fisk is now a free man. Fisk steps up to the microphones. He tells the crowd that he is not a criminal or evil. He’s the opposite. Fisk tells them that the real threat is Daredevil. He tells the crowd that he fought the system and those in higher power sent Daredevil after him to defame him. Daredevil is the true public enemy. As he speaks, the protesters lower their signs, believing his words.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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Back at the church, Dex is still angry and convinces Nadeem to keep looking for a few more hours before reporting to Fisk. Maggie goes to Nadeem and asks him if he’s a moral person. He tries to be, he says. Maggie tells Nadeem that Lantom, her friend, died protecting Karen from evil. If Nadeem’s truly a moral person, does he really want to help find her? The FBI brings in search dogs, but Maggie diverts them next door before they can get to Karen and Matt.

Maggie leaves, and Karen tries to talk to Matt about her. They argue about Matt pushing everyone away. He says that he’s trying to protect them, but Karen counters that he’s just protecting himself. Matt then gets an idea about Foggy. We then cut to Foggy arguing with his brother. Theo wants Foggy to make a new statement, taking back his words against Fisk. He tells Foggy to do the right thing for his family. Foggy gets a call from Matt.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Nadeem Does the Right Thing

Fisk is informed that Vanessa is on her way. Also, the painting owner won’t sell it back to Fisk. Fisk says he’s going in person to make a more compelling offer. While Matt leaves the church, Foggy goes in. He stalls, making small talk until Karen is in sight. He then pronounces that she’s his client. Foggy then says he’s surrendering her to the NYPD, who aren’t under Fisk’s control. Nadeem allows them to take her. As they leave, Dex tells Nadeem that he messed up. Matt hears the whole interaction up on the church spire.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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Fisk goes to see Mrs. Falb, the current owner of the painting. She says that it belonged to her family back in 1943 before the government took it from them. Fisk tries to appeal to her emotion, telling her about the connection the painting serves between him and Vanessa. She tells him about the Gestapo killing most of her family. That painting is all she has connecting her to them.

With all that she has suffered, Fisk says that Vanessa that she would want Mrs. Falb to keep it. While that doesn’t matter to her, it does to him. Dex goes down and finds where Matt and Karen hid. He goes outside into an empty ambulance, letting out a primal scream.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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Detective Brett lets Karen and Foggy out of his squad car. He tells them that the NYPD has their back. Karen and Foggy join Matt on a roof. Foggy convinces Matt to have faith the system. They just need to find a witness with nothing to lose. Matt says they’ll try it Foggy’s way, but that they need a witness with everything to lose.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Nadeem In Trouble

An agent informs Fisk of Nadeem and the NYPD getting Karen to safety. Fisk demand the agent’s jacket. Once he gives it to him, Fisk takes it, wrapping it around the agents head, and beats his head to a pulp. Nadeem rushes home to his family, telling them to pack and that they have to leave. He slowly leads them downstairs, gun in hand.

He sees a man outside and the feds rush in, guns blazing. Nadeem’s wife takes their son and they hide in the tub. Right as it looks like Nadeem is going to die, Matt arrives and helps Nadeem fight off the feds. Matt tells Nadeem that he’s there to help, but Nadeem has to trust him. While Nadeem doesn’t trust anybody, Matt says that he trusts him. Nadeem helped save Karen, so Matt owes him.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Pros and Cons for Episode 11

For Episode 11, a definite pro was the plan to get Karen out of the church. It was super clever and smart, and also served as a great turning point for Nadeem to start doing the right thing. Another one was Fisk’s press conference, where you just watch the crowds slowly start to turn to his favor. It’s scary to see how much skill he has in manipulation. A con for Episode 11 would have to be when Nadeem and Matt fight the feds in Nadeem’s house.

It was super quick and I just felt as if there could’ve been an extended fight scene which would have been more satisfying. It seemed like there were too few federal agents present for this very important task.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Episode 12

Wilson awaits Vanessa, who is landing in a helicopter. An agent tells him Nadeem has escaped and Fisk demands that he be found. Vanessa lands and embraces him. Fisk has her back.

Nadeem’s family is hiding with Detective Brett’s mother. Nadeem’s wife is incredibly angry about Nadeem’s lack of honesty. She says that he’ll never be someone his son can trust. Foggy and Matt go over the plan: Nadeem will testify against Fisk, with Nelson and Murdock representing him. Fisk brings Vanessa to the hotel, offering her several luxuries. However, she says she’s tired. It’s not exactly the reunion Fisk had hoped for.

Nadeem is taken to Fogwell’s. His family is going to be sent away to keep them safe. Brett pulls DA Tower over for Foggy. Foggy tells Tower that he’ll pull out of the race if he meets with him and Matt. Meanwhile, Matt questions why Nadeem let so much happen and didn’t blow the whistle sooner. Nadeem says he wanted his son to see him as a hero. Tower arrives and Nadeem is prepared to make things right.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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Dex apologizes to Fisk for losing Karen. Fisk tells him that it’s clear he’s put too much of a burden on him. Dex is angered and determined after this interaction. Tower is unable to give Nadeem immunity for his testimony. Tower says that Nadeem will get 5 years of jail time, and it’s his final offer. Nelson and Murdock object, but Nadeem says it’s okay. He’s willing to pay for his mistakes. He calls his son to tell him that he didn’t do bad things but he didn’t stop bad things from happening which is just as bad. He says the only thing he cares about is what his son thinks of him.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: The Plan Fails

Fisk makes eggs for Vanessa. He notes that something is bothering her. She says that for the last 2 years she’s been surrounded by bodyguards, meeting her every need. She was still lonely. Even now with Fisk, she’s lonely and feels apart. Felix arrives and requests his presence, telling him about Nadeem. Fisk believes that he’ll testify. Felix offers to resign for his failure, but Fisk wants him to finish the job. Fisk refuses to be indicted.

Karen meets with Ellison, telling him about the plan. She wants him to hold a press conference for her to publicly out Fisk with Nadeem’s testimony. Dex has the painting, putting it on the wall of the penthouse. He introduces himself to Vanessa as the new James Wesley. He tells Vanessa she asked Falb one last time for the painting. She sees the bit of blood on the corner of the painting and understands what Dex had to do to get it.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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As Nadeem and Matt head to the courthouse, they are attacked by gunmen. Together, they fight them off. They get to the courthouse, and Nadeem testifies. Karen makes her statement about Fisk’s corruption and his fake Daredevil. However, Fisk got the jurors, blackmailing them so that he won’t be indicted. Foggy says that they’ll try again, but Matt disagrees, leaving. He’s done with the system. Nadeem knocks Foggy out and runs.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Fisk Lets Vanessa Into His World

Vanessa goes to Fisk and asks him if Dex is the new Wesley. Fisk denies this but says he is useful. Vanessa’s ready to be plain and honest. She wants to be a part of his world, with all his savagery and brutality. He takes her to his secret room. Nadeem goes to his home, recording a message for his wife and son.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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In the secret room, Fisk allows Felix to speak freely in front of Vanessa. Felix tells them that Nadeem has been located. Vanessa suggests that they send Dex to handle the problem. Dex goes to Ray, whose standing in his backyard. He tells Dex that it’s not too late to do the right thing. Dex declines, saying that Fisk made him whole. He shoots and kills Ray.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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Foggy gets the call that Nadeem is dead. Now it’s time for Matt’s way.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Pros and Cons for Episode 12

A pro for Episode 12 would be Vanessa’s return to Fisk, and her subsequent entry into the totality of his world. She effortlessly integrates herself into his realm of corruption and manipulation. Another would be the all the effort to get Nadeem to the courthouse, only to have the jury compromised. It’s just another incredible example of Fisk’s cunning and planning for every outcome.

A con would perhaps be the fact that we didn’t actually get to see Nadeem’s testimony. We only see the failed result. It would have been nice to see it, with Nadeem telling the truth despite the personal cost.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Episode 13

Finally for our DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns is Episode 13. It begins by showing us Matt on a rooftop, then mirroring to Fisk in his penthouse. As Fisk gets dressed, the radio reports about the smear campaign against him and Daredevil being the real criminal behind it all. It goes on to say that Fisk has invited the city’s most powerful to his hotel for a surprise announcement: his marriage to Vanessa.

Fisk turns to see his younger self, bloody and holding the hammer he used to kill his father. Matt kidnaps and questions Felix, hanging him from a roof. He tells Matt that he’s going to charm the press into loving him again. Fisk tells Vanessa that he fears he doesn’t deserve her because he’s broken. Vanessa says that we all are and the trick is to find the person whose broken pieces fit with theirs. Felix tells Matt that the hotel is a fortress. He offers to testify about Agent Winn, Nadeem, and Julie Barnes. Matt asks about Julie and who she is.

Foggy feels obligated to tell Brett that someone is going to try and kill Fisk. Brett doesn’t care. Foggy believes Matt will do the right thing if he can just slow him down. Karen and Foggy are at Fogwell’s. What if killing Fisk is the only way to stop him, Karen asks. Foggy says that he knows Matt believes deep down that everyone deserves a shot at redemption. Killing Fisk would mean that Matt would never be able to forgive himself. Foggy then gets a call that the FBI wants him to come in.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Dex Finds Julie and Dying Declaration

Foggy arrives at the FBI, taking a selfie with Dex as insurance. He’s there at the request of Nadeem’s wife, who came in wanting to know how Ray could have been such a monster. She secretly writes on paper to Foggy that the real reason she came in was at Nadeem’s request. She has the phone with the recording Nadeem made. Dex gets a call from Felix but it’s actually Matt on the other line. He taunts Dex about his therapy sessions and about Julie. He tells him that Fisk had Julie killed so he could replace her as his north star. Matt gives Dex an address to check out.

Foggy and Karen are back at Fogwell’s, watching Nadeem’s recording. It’s a testimony, giving up Fisk, names of those he corrupted, as well as his own actions and guilt. Because Nadeem knew he was going to die when he made the recording, it counts as a dying declaration, meaning its admissible in court.

Dex checks the address and finds Julie’s dead body in a freezer. Matt is on the roof and calls Dex, telling him again that it was Fisk who killed her. He tells Dex that Fisk is getting married and doesn’t deserve a life happily ever after. Matt then waits outside the hotel. Karen goes the Bulletin and plays the recording for Ellison. They get ready to publish it. Dex arrives at the hotel dressed as Daredevil, Julie’s dead body in the passenger seat. He fights his way through security, talking to Julie as if she’s still alive.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Happily Ever After is Short-Lived

Fisk and Vanessa get married and walk down the aisle. Matt arrives at the hotel, seeing Julie in the car. Wilson and Vanessa are at their reception, having their first dance. As they dance, more and more people get notifications of Nadeem’s video. They all start to watch it and the Fisks begin to notice. Matt follows Dex’s trail of bodies. Vanessa tells Fisk not to worry and that he’ll handle it.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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Dex takes the mic on stage, telling that Fisks that he and Julie wish them the best. He throws the mic right at Wilson’s head, but Matt blocks it with a serving tray. Guards begin shooting as Dex and Matt evade their fire. Fisk and Vanessa run to the penthouse. Vanessa tells Fisk to be angry later and to be smart now.

Matt goes to the secret room and has Shelby shut down the elevators so no one can stop him. He comes face to face with Fisk and Vanessa. Vanessa runs while Fisk and Matt charge at each other, both screaming.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Matt v Fisk v Dex

Vanessa opens the door but Dex is on the other side. We then see a three-way battle between Dex, Fisk, and Matt. Dex and Matt fight, Dex throwing utensils while Matt blocks them with parts of a chandelier. Then we see Fisk fight Matt, knocking him back. Then, Fisk fights Dex, getting several knifes thrown in his side. Eventually, Fisk picks up Dex and rams his spine against the corner of a wall.

After this, it’s just Matt and Fisk. Matt beats on Fisk in front of the painting, spattering blood all over it. He continues to beat on him, with no sign of stopping. Vanessa screams for him to stop right as Matt is about to snap Fisk’s neck. Matt lets go and screams.

Fisk tells Matt he’ll never stop going after Foggy or Karen. He’ll tell the world who Matt really is. He begs for Vanessa to go, and tells Matt he wants him to kill him, saying that no prison will hold him. God knows that he wants to, Matt says. However, he tells Fisk that he doesn’t get to destroy who Matt is.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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He tells Fisk that he will go back to prison in a cage, knowing that he doesn’t get Vanessa. He will know that the city rejected him. That Daredevil beat him. Matt takes off his mask and says that Fisk will also keep Matt’s secret and stay away from his friends or anyone else. If he doesn’t, Matt will go after Vanessa as she ordered Nadeem’s death. Then she’d have a cage. Fisk agrees and they shake hands on the deal. The NYPD comes and arrests Fisk. Dex can’t move, his spine broken. Brett confirms that Dex is the fake Daredevil and points to Matt as the real one.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Matt Reconciles with Maggie/Nelson, Murdock, and Page

Matt goes to see Maggie. He tells her about Lantom’s last words, asking Matt to forgive him and her. He tells about how Lantom once talked about God’s plan being a beautiful tapestry, with humans only getting to see it from the back. Humans only get a hint of the true beauty on the other side. Matt realizes that if his life had turned out any differently, he would’ve never become Daredevil. For all those he’s lost, he’s saved countless others.

Maybe it was all part of God’s plan. He asks Maggie to help him see the errors of his ways when he makes mistakes. She says helping others is her calling. Matt speaks at Father Lantom’s service. He says that Lantom helped him see the possibilities of being a man without fear. After the service, He tells Karen that she helped him see the truth about himself. Foggy goes and tells Tower that’s he’s dropping out of the race.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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At Nelson’s Meats, Foggy, Matt, and Karen are back together again. They talk about Fisk being back behind bars, and that he’ll stay that way as long as Vanessa is free. They also talk about bringing back their firm with a new name: Nelson, Murdock, and Page. The last scene is of Doctors’ undergoing an experimental procedure on Dex’s spine, indicating that Dex isn’t done with his life as Bullseye.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Pros and Cons for Episode 13

The pros for Episode 13 should be obvious. The first dance scene is outstanding. The Fisks are just beginning to have their happy ending, only to have it fall apart with Nadeem’s video. It’s sad and satisfying all at the same time.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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Another pro would be the final fight between Dex, Fisk, and Matt, as well as the following conversation between Matt and Fisk. It’s the moment Matt has been striving for all season: to get his hands on Fisk and kill him.

You can see the strain and tension Matt has, convincing himself to do the right thing, but still defeating Fisk in a way that’s much more meaningful than just killing him. Matt still gets to be Matt, with Fisk still completely and utterly losing. As a con, I would have loved to see the aftermath of Fisk being arrested from Vanessa’s perspective. What’s she going to do? Is she going to try and get Wilson out? Feels like a missed opportunity.

That’s the end of our DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns! What did you think of the season and/or it’s final episodes? Let us know in the comments below! Click here for episode 9-10, here for 7-8, here for 4-6, or here for 1-3.

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