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The reviews I’ve written in the past have been spoiler filled, but not this one! I don’t want anyone to have any concrete information on this comic because I want them to experience it for themselves. The Multiversity Pax Americana was written with a non-linear storyline. This means that it is not told through the traditional beginning, middle, and end. It begins telling a story in reverse, and then changes to moving forward. Later on the story changes to the ending, then to the beginning and then back to the middle again! It is up to audience to determine on their own when the story is taking place in relation to the other scenes that they have read before.

The most basic storyline that I can give you is that it involves a group of superheroes forming and ending the Pax Americana, which is an organization who works for the government/president. Reading this comic, I felt it was definitely inspired by the Watchmen graphic novel. The story features an almighty god-like individual who is eerily similar to Dr. Manhattan.

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After reading this comic, I feel motivated to read more comics involving the anti-hero The Question. His involvement in this issue was probably the most enjoyable part for me.

Each panel is broken up into several smaller panels, in which the artist is able convey as much detail as possible. It is almost as if the scenes are occurring in slow-motion when you read it. The jumping from past to present to future sounds confusing, but it felt so natural in the story that it didn’t bother me as I read. In fact, it made me want to keep reading and re-reading the issue so I could arrange the timeline of the events in my mind.

This was an incredible first issue with a fascinating way to tell a comic-book story. Be sure to include this comic on your buying list, you will enjoy it!

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– An interesting way to tell a story, while not being too confusing for the reader.
– Impressive artwork and panel set-up that helped add to the avant-garde nature of this comic.
– Watchmen + Pulp Fiction = Multiversity Pax Americana
– Question essentially playing a poor-man’s Batman, but in a good way!
– The story that was being told was also just as engaging as they way it was being told.

– Non-linear storyline may confuse some readers

Score: 4.9

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