Caution: Spoilers Ahead

The story opens with two super friends, Sister Miracle and Megamorpho, having a conversation
about a party with superheroes and fans. During this conversation Sister Miracle needs to feel
sad about something so that it will kill a technocyte virus. Sister Miracle ends up having no
trouble feeling sad as her friend Megamorpho commits suicide while on the phone with her!
Now for the first time in a long time, the superheroes have an actual mystery to solve.

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In this universe the world is a utopian society, with no problems that require superheroes at all.
The citizens have grown complacent and the heroes in this story are BORED! They spend their
days training or reliving former battles in case the world ever needs them again. Except in times
of peace that is unlikely. The villains of the past are gone and their children are now friends with
the children of past superheroes (Damian Wayne as Batman is dating Lex Luthor’s daughter
Alexis). The reason the world is peaceful is because before Superman (Clark Kent) died, he
created an army of robot Supermen to take down any threat to Earth. The animosity between
Clark and Lex has been passed down to their children, Alexis and Chris. Lex was responsible for
Superman’s death and for that reason Chris holds a grudge against Alexis.

Throughout the issue Alexis is reading a comic book which she claims is cursed. Having comic
book characters read a comic book is somewhat surreal, but it works in this story. As it turns out,
there is a connection between Megamorpho’s death and the cursed comic book. When Batman
was interrogating Offspring, Megamorpho’s boyfriend, he notices something strange about the
comics so he calls Superman over to show him exactly what it is. There are some secondary
storylines within this issue; Green Arrow’s (Conner Hawke) daughter wants to form her own
superhero team with her friends. Except she has had no training and feels that being a superhero
is synonymous with being a celebrity (in this universe it sort of is). Kon-El is having an art
gallery and is trying to hide the fact that he is becoming Bizarro. The current Justice League is
feeling useless in the world curiosity of the former Superman’s robots.

In the main storyline, Batman shows Superman that some of the comics were published by
locations that didn’t exist in their universe! It turns out that Alexis was angry at Superman for
assuming that she’s evil like her father, so she gets back at him by behaving exactly like her
father! She was the one who infected the comics and made Megamorpho kill herself, using the
magic of her ex-boyfriend, Jay-Jay Thunder, she was able control Superman’s robots and created
alternate realties to come and invade this universe!

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