Jamie Maddrox is back from the dead, but only for a limited time. Since reviving himself through one of his own dupes, Jamie has been in a race against time. In order to continue living through that dupe, he needs a cure as soon as possible. However, Jamie’s priorities have recently changed. In the last issue, a multitude of his dupes literally and mysteriously crashed the X-Mansion. Now, in MULTIPLE MAN #2, it is revealed that those dupes are actually from the future.

The world is at stake, and it is up to Multiple Man to save it. The question is, can he before time runs out?

multiple man #2
MULTIPLE MAN #2 page 2. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Resistance Has Arrived

As aforementioned, Jamie’s mysterious dupes have come from the future. They implore Jamie to travel forward in time with them in order to stop the end of the world. So, Jamie goes ahead fifteen years into the future to a world overrun by his dupes. As a result, the good guys that remain form The Resistance, a force designed to fight back against Emperor Maddrox and his evil dupes.

Jamie decides to join the force and fight, though he’s not so confident his side will prevail.

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The majority of MULTIPLE MAN #2 focuses on Jamie’s involvement with The Resistance. Unfortunately, that focus takes away from many of the elements that made the first issue so good. The segments revolving around The Resistance move at too slow of a pace and don’t exactly tie together cohesively. As a result, this second installment loses much of the wit and energy its predecessor maintained.

There was a certain functioning chaos MULTIPLE MAN #1 presented readers with, one that exemplified Jamie’s character in a successful way. Now, that chaos no longer makes sense as the pace and structure of this issue is quite different from the last.

So, hopefully, upcoming issues will tie up all the loose ends so that Jamie’s latest adventures don’t feel so disjointed.

multiple man #2
MULTIPLE MAN #2 page 4. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Many Hues of MULTIPLE MAN #2

Unlike the first issue that maintains vibrant, energetic imagery, MULTIPLE MAN #2 falters in its artwork. The majority of the issue features Jamie exploring the chaotic reality of his future. As a result, many of the panels feature in-depth shots of that reality. However, instead of grasping the intensity and magnitude of that strange world, the panels appear to maintain conflicting images. They lack the detail one would expect, and that makes it hard for readers to engage.

The Dupes are Loose in MULTIPLE MAN #1

Also, the coloring appears monochromatic, losing the vibrancy the first issue presented. Although, the sequence in which Jamie runs into Forge features a nice juxtaposition between neutral tones and a bold pop of red. These pages don’t necessarily need a large palette of colors. However, I believe they would benefit from an array of hues that fit Jamie’s intriguing persona.

This issue is in need of energy, and more color would have brought that on.

Once again, Marcos Martin’s cover of the issue excels. It ties in perfectly with the narrative of MULTIPLE MAN #2 while also presenting a foreboding sense of what that narrative entails.

What Lies Beyond

MULTIPLE MAN #2 is definitely an interesting read. The future has become dominated by Jamie Maddrox’s dupes. In fact, they have taken over the world! So, what better plan is there than to have Jamie come from the past and stop his inevitable future?

Well, maybe there is a better plan.

Regardless, the narrative of MULTIPLE MAN #2 is wacky, quirky, and unexpected. So, for some readers, this story may be directly up their alley. Personally though, I found this issue to be a bit of a letdown after the promising start of its predecessor. But, this miniseries has only just begun.

There are still plenty of adventures ahead for Jamie Maddrox, giving him and his narrative the opportunity to come together.

MULTIPLE MAN #2 by Matthew Rosenberg, Andy McDonald, & Tamra Bonuillain
Though it has some promising moments, MULTIPLE MAN #2 struggles to maintain the streak of its predecessor as its plot and art staggers greatly.
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