Jamie Madrox is dead. He met his tragic demise after being exposed to the Terrigen Mist back in the 2016 work DEATH OF X #2. However, as the tale of superheroes often goes, Multiple Man does not stay dead for long. In fact, he makes his return in MULTIPLE MAN #1!

Well, sort of.

When the X-Men discover one of Jamie’s dupes living and breathing, the adventures of Multiple Man begin again! With veteran writer Matthew Rosenberg at the helm, the first installment of MULTIPLE MAN ensures fans of the character that a hilarious, entertaining story lies ahead for the man who truly can be everywhere at once.

multiple man #1
MULTIPLE MAN #1 page 7. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Introducing Jamie Prime and His Amazing Friends

MULTIPLE MAN #1 begins with the unexpected discovery of Jamie Madrox by the X-Men. He’s in pretty bad shape, so the squad brings him to Beast’s lab. The X-Men are quite shocked to have found Jamie since he’s supposed to be dead. However, Jamie goes on to explain that he has “revived” himself. Before his death, he developed a unique serum that allows his dupes to operate independently. If he had not created that serum, all of his dupes would have indeed died with his original persona.

As a result of this experiment, Beast theorizes that each duplicate of Jamie is an exemplification of an aspect of the original Jamie or “Jamie Prime.” Thus, he concludes that this particular dupe of Jamie is Jamie’s scientific persona. Beast also manages to stabilize Jamie, though he informs our titular hero that he will eventually succumb to organ failure.

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Jamie begs Beast to find a cure, but, sometime later, he changes his mind. He steals a time-traveling device from Bishop and travels to the future.


Well, to stop Beast from completing that very cure. As a result of Jamie’s time-traveling escapade, chaos ensues. Characters including Deadpool, Cable, and Hulk appear at the X-Mansion and begin fighting the X-Men.

Suddenly though, Jamie screams for the fight to stop just as Deadpool, Cable, and Hulk reveal themselves to be dupes of Jamie.

The Highs and the Lo-Lows

Now, the strongest aspect of MULTIPLE MAN #1 is undoubtedly its humor. Rosenberg renders Jamie an engaging lead character whose wit and spontaneity can carry a story. Also, the sequence, depicted below, involving Beast observing two of Jamie’s dupes fighting each other is just hysterical. There is a natural flow to the story that never feels forced, and that ultimately contributes to the entertainment value of the work.

Now, the ending of this introductory issue may leave a lot of readers scratching their heads. It’s totally chaotic and raises a lot of questions about the direction of the series. We don’t exactly know where this story is going to go and how Jamie’s character will differ from previous interpretations, but that uncertainty is exciting.

So as a whole, MULTIPLE MAN #1 is a satisfying work that finds its foundation in the fact that it truly is a fun read with an engaging lead.

multiple man #1
MULTIPLE MAN #1 page 11. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Many Hues of MULTIPLE MAN #1

The artwork of MULTIPLE MAN #1 consistently feels light and energetic, paralleling the vibrant nature of Rosenberg’s narrative. Colorist Tamra Bonvillain shines in this issue, particularly in the final pages where she dims the tone slightly and subtly to fit the chaos of the scene.

Now, although I find Andy MacDonald’s penciling to be a little inconsistent from time to time in this issue, I do enjoy his depiction of Jamie. He embodies a childlike quality that evokes his occasionally mischievous nature. Again though, various panels throughout this work don’t maintain as much detail as I would personally prefer. This lack of detail contributes to some inconsistent depictions of characters that take away from the depth the imagery has potential to maintain.

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Finally, Marcos Martin’s cover art is exceptional. It is quirky and clean, presenting this series as an engaging, hilarious thriller. Based on the preview for the series’ next installment, Martin continues to excel in creating a bold exemplification of Multiple Man’s character.

What Lies Beyond

The introduction to MULTIPLE MAN’s solo run is strong and entertaining from start to finish. With an alluring lead character, Jamie Madrox’s miniseries is in good hands with Matthew Rosenberg. So, be sure to be there when Multiple Man returns this July as he continues his adventure to save his own life.

MULTIPLE MAN #1 by Matthew Rosenberg, Andy MacDonald, & Tamra Bonvillain
Matthew Rosenberg packs a punch in MULTIPLE MAN #1 as it kickstarts a wildly entertaining run for the titular character.
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