Ms. Marvel, or also known as Kamala Khan, is an outstanding superhero. However, after the events of INFINITY WAR, some may be wondering where she can fit into the MCU. To be honest, she could have an important role anywhere. Whether it be in keeping the general population together, fighting crime that most likely arises in the chaos following the battle, or joining the fight against Thanos — Ms. Marvel could be just the thing the MCU needs.

Ms. Marvel Sparking Hope

Ms. Marvel could be the thing to save the general population from itself. She knows how to handle crazy situations, and that is exactly what the aftermath of INFINITY WAR is for the citizens. Ms. Marvel may not have been the best at handling the insane at the beginning of her career as a superhero, but she caught on rather quickly.

When Ms. Marvel first got her superpowers, she was overwhelmed; which would have happened to anyone in her position. She learned that things could easily get out of hand when she tried to save her friend Bruno from an armed robbery. She quickly stopped the robbery, disguised as the Carol Danvers version of Ms. Marvel; but, she destroyed the store and got herself shot in doing so.

Nonetheless, she didn’t get hurt too badly. After transforming into her normal self, she immediately healed. But, her actions had consequences. The armed robber was Brunos’ brother. Plus, the police had been called, which ended up driving Brunos’ brother into the hands of a supervillain.

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She didn’t know how to use her powers and how to become a real superhero yet. However, she and Bruno quickly figured out how she could help people. They tested her powers to learn what she could do. Once they figured everything out, Ms. Marvel went to the lair of the Inventor, who had been luring in teenagers and draining their life force.

Ms. Marvel used her powers to defeat the inventor. Yet, the most important part is that she had to inspire hope in the teenagers to make them want to leave. If she did this at the beginning of her career — while she was still learning — imagine what she could do to calm down or at least bring hope to the people forgotten after INFINITY WAR.

Ms. Marvel
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Protecting What Remains

After the events of INFINITY WAR, someone needs to protect the cities amidst the chaos. Undoubtedly, criminals will take advantage of the chaos to steal and hurt people. We know that Ms. Marvel is unquestionably capable of protecting a whole city. So, that means Ms. Marvel could easily step into that role.

In MS MARVEL #28, Ms. Marvel proves that she is a superhero capable of protecting a city. When the Inventor goes on a rampage, and Ms. Marvel has gone missing, friends of Ms. Marvel call in Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers. When it looks like even Captain Marvel might not defeat the Inventor, Ms. Marvel arrives. She defeats the Inventor’s creatures and forces him to enact a self-destruct device. She saved all of Jersey City, at least, for the moment.

This undoubtedly shows her ability to protect the people.

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With such a great ability to protect, she definitely could help the people remaining after Thanos’ attack. She could fill a role similar to Spider-Man’s, protecting the areas around her. She very well could stop the crime that will undoubtedly occur in the aftermath of the battle. Clearly, she has great strength that goes beyond bringing hope to the people. Ms. Marvel has shown her dedication to saving people time and time again.

Now, even after INFINITY WAR, she can make a huge difference.

Fighting the Good Fight

Ms. Marvel’s capability isn’t limited to helping in smaller or more condensed areas. She has a great deal of power. In fact, she has enough of it that, I would say, she could join the Avengers in the future battles against Thanos. She certainly has the qualification to do so.

Ms. Marvel
Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

We know that Captain Marvel is coming to the MCU as an Avenger, one who was called to help after Thanos’ attack nonetheless. However, returning to issue #28 again, Ms. Marvel came to Captain Marvel’s rescue. Ms. Marvel proved that she is as powerful as Captain Marvel. Therefore, she definitely could provide much-needed help to the Avengers. Additionally, she has just as much preparation, if not more, as Spider-Man in the MCU.

She has dealt with life or death situations, moral dilemmas, and so much more in her superhero stretch. Ms. Marvel had to send her best friend away because he had gotten hurt helping her. Naturally, if we consider Spider-Man good enough to fight Thanos — then Ms. Marvel can too, and maybe even outdo Spider-Man in the process.

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With such great power, Ms. Marvel cannot be overlooked as a possible component to defeating Thanos. The only thing she lacks is experience with something as powerful as the Infinity Stones. Although, not every superhero involved in the battle against Thanos had experience with Infinity Stones.

Black Panther, for example, he hadn’t encountered one in the MCU before the battle. However, he was a great fighter nonetheless. So, if he could be that great without exposure to Infinity Stones, why couldn’t Ms. Marvel do that too?

Why Do We Need Her?

A lot of reasons exist explaining why we need Ms. Marvel, specifically Kamala Khan, in the MCU. Sure there are her great superpowers, but Kamala Khan is pretty marvelous as well. As a Pakistani-American, she brings a new viewpoint to the MCU.

Currently, we have Black Panther who brings a lot of great representation for people of color, and that’s an imperative thing. What Ms. Marvel brings is a diverse view of what we see as a person of color in the U.S. Undoubtedly, the struggle is real for people of color in America, and Kamala shows how important is to be proud of yourself as a person of color.

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When Kamala first got her powers, she transformed into the Carol Danvers version of Ms. Marvel. However, she realized that she wasn’t being true to herself. She chose to appear as her true self — a person of color — when fighting crime. She saw the lack of positive representation for people that look like her, and she made a choice.

The MCU could benefit from more diversity. BLACK PANTHER went into diversity and race in the U.S., and I feel Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel could bring a whole new side to that. In BLACK PANTHER we saw Killmonger talking about racial injustice, not only in the U.S. but through a lens of rebellion.

Ms. Marvel talks about race in the manner of celebrating differences, and she supports acceptance and equal treatment, including in gender. In issue #3 of MS. MARVEL, Kamala questions the physical separations between men and women at her mosque. While Ms. Marvel is powerful, Kamala raises the big questions and gives people of color — specifically women and girls of color — someone to look up to.

Ms. Marvel for the Win!

Clearly, Ms. Marvel could have multiple places in the MCU after the events of INFINITY WAR. She could keep people sane in her city, acting as a sort of organizer of chaos by bringing hope back. Ms. Marvel very well could clean up the mess that will undoubtedly occur after what Thanos has done.

She could even join the fight against Thanos himself. With abilities so great and so versatile, she has become a powerful force in the Marvel Comics and she can do so in the MCU as well. Despite the fact that Ms. Marvel could fit almost anywhere in the MCU post INFINITY WAR, there is one place she fits best. The best part about the place she belongs in the most is that she can fulfill other roles at the same time. She would be her best as a beacon of hope.

Yes, I have discussed her as a beacon of hope for the cities she is in, however, I believe that if she were to take on defending the earth, going from place to place to help people, she could be the symbol of good that people need after the end of INFINITY WAR. Ms. Marvel could be just what everyone needs, including the Avengers.

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