MS. MARVEL #27 by G. Willow Wilson, Nico Leon, Ian Herring, VC's Joe Caramagna, Valerio Schiti, and Rachelle Rosenberg
The danger and action really come to life in this issue. The use of art creates excitement and suspense for the reader. The characterization makes us really root for these characters and worry for their safety.
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Action Packed

Things are getting perilous for the friends of Kamala Khan in MS. MARVEL #27. G. Willow Wilson, Nico Leon, and Ian Herring bring the reader right in the middle of the action. The investigation of the previous issue is over, and this issue shows that the fight for Jersey City is only beginning.

Seeking Answers

This issue picks up with Naftali, searching for Kamala. He finds a business card that he thinks is indicative of Kamala being in real danger. This is where the story switches to Kamala’s friends. Nakia, Mike, and Gabe search for, and find, Zoe. Unfortunately, where they find Zoe and the missing people from the old folks’ home, they also find the Inventor.

Since the Inventor had been previously thought to be dead, this revelation brings with it a whole new set of problems. Kamala’s friends fight against the Inventor’s robots in a grand escapade to save Zoe and the elderly people that the Inventor had captured to use as human batteries. Something, however, is revealed during the fight with the Inventor. They discover that he is ready to bring his antics up a notch, and this spells only danger for Jersey City.

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Fighting the Good Fight in MS. MARVEL #27

The plot of this issue focuses mainly on the fight against the Inventor and the friends working together to defeat the Inventor’s robots. As a result, we get to see some great character building within this comic.

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The writing of this issue, while mostly focusing on the fight against the Inventor, does get a bit deep. G. Willow Wilson presents the strong bond connecting each of Kamala’s friends to each other and to her. We get to see Nakia’s dedication to her friends in how diligently she looks for Zoe. She’s the one who rushes into danger to save Zoe, with Mike and Gabe following along.

Additionally, we see Zoe face the reality within herself. We learn that she is aware of her shortcomings. We also learn that she had hoped to overcome and make up for them by helping to fight petty criminals until Kamala returns. She explains that she had also hoped to avoid reality and growing up by helping them. She thought that since she got to stay a kid a bit longer when Ms. Marvel saved her, perhaps she could continue this illusion by fighting crime. The depth created here makes the characters real for the reader.

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Illustrative Explosions

Nico Leon presents an excellent fight sequence in this issue of MS. MARVEL. Through perspective and action lines, the movement comes to life. When first arriving in the Inventor’s lair and beginning the fight, the illustrations display movement excellently. We see Kamala’s friends punching their way through the robots, and Red Dagger performing some acrobatic maneuvers to kick the life out of the robots.

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Colorist Ian Herring presents the reader with a great combination of colors. We see cool colors — greens, blues, and purples — during dangerous and frightening sequences. Conversely, we see warm colors, like the yellow background, when Kamala’s friends fight the robots. This palette tells us when to feel excited and motivated, and when to feel shocked and afraid, all before we are even able to fully read the page. Herring’s use of color lets the reader become emotionally attached to the story.

Saved the Day… Or Not

MS. MARVEL #27 presents us with a lot of character detail and an exciting action scene. It gives us a deeper look into who Zoe is, as well as a look into the bond between the friends. The art displays great examples of perspective used to create movement, and the color palette brings out a lot of emotions on every page. In the end, MS. MARVEL #27 is an exciting issue that sets the stage for what’s to come.

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