MS. MARVEL is back with the second chapter of the ‘Teenage Wasteland’ story arc, and we have a preview provided by Marvel!

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While the comic book has returned, the titular hero is still missing. Will Kamala reemerge in time to save her friends from impending doom or remain off the grid until it’s too late? So, get ready for the impending release of MS. MARVEL #26 by G. Willow Wilson with art from Nico Leon.

Returning to the Basics in MS. MARVEL #26

The issue opens with Zoe Zimmer (acting as Ms. Marvel) and the Red Dagger facing off against a gigantic chameleon cyborg. However, the two find defeating this foe is much more difficult than they realize. They simply don’t have the strength to take the creature down. Hope remains as Zoe recognizes the science at work, even if the evildoer responsible is supposedly dead.

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

What’s nice about this preview is how it shows a sort of “return to form” for the series. While Kamala hasn’t made her dramatic appearance yet, it’s nice to see references to earlier issues for long-time fans. And what are those references? Well, the scientist referred to here, Gregory Knox, is the man responsible for creating the series’ first true villain: The Inventor, a bird-Thomas Edison hybrid. The Inventor created many robotic animal monstrosities that terrorized Jersey City. It’s no wonder that when Kamala’s friends must finally come into their own as heroes, they’d face off against one of her own first villains.

MS. MARVEL #26 feels like the start of a fantastic, genuinely whimsical comic. The series has always thrived on mixing real-world problems with the comic book world, boldly introducing its readers to issues they may not have been aware of. This feels a lot lighter than those issues. Though, this isn’t a bad thing: as mentioned earlier, it’s nice to see them bring back a villain from so early in the series’ run. Here’s hoping the rest of the issue excites just as much as the first few pages. Pick up your copy when it releases January 10th!

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