MS. MARVEL #22 by G. Willow Wilson, Marco Failla, and Ian Herring
A worthy conclusion to an intense story arc proving once and for all not everyone is capable of upholding the law while also protecting those that cannot protect themselves.
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A Worthy Cause

The idea of taking the law into one’s own hands is a truly scary notion. While it seems romantic — the image of a vigilante hero doing justice when those in power won’t — the notions of this are dire. Those who claim they fight for the side of justice might use their power to oppress and hurt people who cannot protect themselves. Kamala finds herself fighting against those very forces in MS. MARVEL #22. Written by G. Willow Wilson with art by Marco Failla and Ian Herring, the comic brings to a close its thesis on persecuting individuals who have the potential to be evil in this stunning finale.

MS. MARVEL #22 and What it Means to Be a True Hero

The story begins with Kamala confronting her classmate, Josh, after learning he is the evil vigilante Discord. Josh informs her he intends to keep fighting alongside Lockdown but will let her go this one time. As Kamala leaves, the issue cuts to the image of Nakia and Tyesha marching with a group of Jersey City citizens towards the mosque where Amir and others are being held, and where the fight between Kamala and Discord took place. From there, Kamala and company confront Becky and her associates once more to ensure that her friends and family will never get wrongly persecuted by these people again.

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Part of what I love about MS. MARVEL #22 pertains to how it situates social commentary within the fantastic setting of the story. A good MS. MARVEL story never just revolves around good prevailing over evil; it also contains a more nuanced discussion on political themes of the day. In keeping with this tradition, Nakia and Tyesha debate over the meaning of the hijab, and how Tyesha thinks it should remain a religious symbol. The two both tackle the problem from what this garment means for their identity in a nuanced way.

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This example appears as a fairly obvious one, but this kind of undertone fills the comic. It’s also seen when the citizens manage to band together and speak out against Becky’s malicious group for persecuting those with potential powers. The group sends a clear message that stands by their fellow Jersey City citizen through thick and thin even if others want to push them out by force. It’s a touching moment amongst the turbulent political discourse that currently prevails within our nation. My only real gripe is when MS. MARVEL #22 chooses to insert a sequence of Kamala rapidly eating food in parallel with this intense action. While it makes sense in character, it comes across as a dramatic tonal shift for the comic that had, up to that point, been fairly serious.

The Imagery of Rebellion

As always, Marco Failla’s work is spectacular. He makes MS. MARVEL #22 appear unique enough from the other, standard superhero comics. The colorist, Ian Herring, manages to do this with bright, pronounced colors that really pop out towards the reader while maintaining a traditional layout. Failla gives a more surrealist interpretation of character models while still making each one distinct and familiar for long-time fans. In short, when I think of the appearance of Ms. Marvel, I think of Marco Failla and Ian Herring’s work before anything else.

Image courtesy of Marvel Comics

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As a conclusion to the ongoing story arc, MS. MARVEL #22 wraps up the plot details quite nicely. While Wilson still leaves a few threads hanging for future installments, it’s nice seeing this saga come to a satisfying close. It may not have had quite as much dramatic action as one would hope, but the action within the comic feels widely satisfying and standard for the character. Kamala once again proves herself not only as an asset to the Marvel Universe but a necessity to keep the actual stories fun and interesting.

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  1. Shahir

    September 15, 2017 at 4:48 pm

    I agree. This has been a great end and it will leave a possible future for Josh and how will their relationship will be from now on


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