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Previously, MS. MARVEL left us astounded with a cliffhanger. Kamala Khan was simply celebrating Eid al-Adha with her family, but her enemies had something else planned. The sacred holiday that was supposed to be filled with moments of appreciation and joy turned sour with divide and conquer.

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The day had quite a strange start. As Kamala and her family headed out to celebrate, they suddenly found the roads blocked, covered with signs saying “We need the real Jersey back.” On top of that, she learned there’s a new law enforcement under Mayor Chuck Worthy’s administration, which demands all residents of Jersey City to reveal their status or risk legal action. This, of course, was a shocking discovery to Ms. Marvel as it was evident that someone who knows her well is plotting against her.

However, things only got worse afterward. When Ms. Marvel was busy fighting the mysterious bad guy who is behind the mayhem, the authorities accused Aamir of having an “unregistered super power” and arrested him. Ms. Marvel was yet to know about the danger her beloved brother was in, which left us asking for more.

Fortunately, ComicsVerse is excited to bring you an exclusive preview of MS. MARVEL #20! In the preview, Aamir is being interrogated for displaying destructive super powers at a school. While Aamir believes that he is being racially profiled, the issue seems to be far more complex than that. It is still a mystery who the person in the mask is, but he or she definitely seems to have an evil master plan to bring Ms. Marvel down and promote hate and division in Jersey City.

MS. MARVEL #20 hits shelves July 19th. Take a look at our exclusive preview below!

MS. MARVEL #20 Full Preview

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  1. lm888

    July 13, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    It’s Bruno. It is so obviously Bruno.


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