MS. MARVEL #13 by G. Willow Wilson and Mirka Andolfo
MS. MARVEL #13 is a splendid issue with a positive message. Although it is a bit disappointing that Kamala is totally ignorant about politics, she does manage to do research at the last minute and gets out the vote.
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A great wake-up call!

A large number of celebrities and role models encouraged American citizens to exercise their right to vote on November 8. Marvel released previews of MS. MARVEL #13 where Kamala Khan is going door to door in Jersey City to get out the vote. The election is over, but that doesn’t make MS. MARVEL #13 irrelevant. It’s a representation of how reality differs from our expectation of a fair election and a reminder ignorance about politics can be dangerous.

MS. MARVEL #13 starts with a new chapter in Kamala’s life. The past few days have been hard on her, but now she has something more important to focus on: gerrymandering for the election of Jersey City’s mayor. After finding out that the evil Hydra Hipster Chuck is running for mayor unjustly, Ms. Marvel goes on an overnight campaign to encourage residents of Jersey City to vote. I think it’s a smart move from G. Willow Wilson to focus on exercising the right rather than telling people to not vote for Chuck. Chuck already has a bad reputation, and advocating against him would’ve just made Ms. Marvel sound like a broken record.

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Thanks to Ms. Marvel’s effective communication skills, her last-minute campaign is a success. Although she didn’t specify whom to vote for, the credible third party candidate won the majority vote. Apparently, reality doesn’t work that way, but it is a fantasy that so many of us have that maybe one day, our voices will be heard. This year’s election has been hard on many, and MS. MARVEL #13 is a great escape from the harsh reality.

MS. MARVEL #13. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

What I found slightly disappointing is Kamala’s ignorance about politics. She didn’t even know who’s running for mayor until her “sibling-in-law” Gabe gets redistricted. Only after that does she decide to do research about the election with her peer Mike. I love Kamala, and I get that she goes through a lot, but how could she be so oblivious to the election? As one of the strongest advocates for the safety of Jersey City, she should’ve at least known who’s running for mayor. The important lesson, however, is that ignorance about politics can be extremely dangerous.

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Mirka Andolfo, who did the artwork in MS. MARVEL #13, was introduced in MS. MARVEL #12. Her artwork is very different from the issues before MS. MARVEL #12. Out of all the characters, Kamala looks visibly different, but she is still recognizable. I think it’s reasonable considering that Kamala got an opportunity to have a fresh start when she went to Pakistan in the previous issue, and this issue is a continuation of the new chapter in her life. MS. MARVEL #13 is a positive and light-hearted issue, so the artwork is more vibrant and contains humorous facial expressions from the characters.

MS. MARVEL #13. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

MARVEL #13 is a depiction of what would have been achievable if the world was a place where fair is the bottom line. However, a critical lesson to take away is that we cannot be ignorant about politics. Ms. Marvel did her research and saved Jersey City, but in real life, we can’t rely on a superhero to do our homework. Maybe, just maybe, we can create a revolution in the long run if we all fight together.

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