My mom and I love to pass the time by watching movies when we’re both feeling a little lazy. We’ll watch anything and everything, from classics to modern blockbusters. We can pretty much stomach almost any movie together (I mean it, I’ve even seen MAGIC MIKE with her). She has the innate ability to turn their content into life lessons, from dating to finance. There are those films, however, that I either avoid watching with her or will never watch with her again. Here’s my list of some of the movies you should not watch with your mom on Mother’s Day… or any other day.


Secret in Their Eyes - movies you should not watch with your mom
“We’re gonna get him, no matter what it takes.”

What it’s about: Two FBI investigators and their District Attorney supervisor are thrown into chaos when the daughter of one of their own is brutally raped and murdered. They’re divided as thirteen years go by and justice still hasn’t been served. With a new lead in the case, they’re brought back together to confront the past and face a dark secret.

Why it doesn’t work: The trailer for this film was fantastic and the cast is amazing. It’s compelling in the way it makes you think as you jump back and forth in time. It’s not, however, a good choice for a movie night with mom. Any movie that involves a son or daughter getting murdered isn’t the best way to celebrate her special day. If you and your mom want to see it, I’d suggest watching it separately and then talking about it together afterward. Therefore, it’s one of those movies you should not watch with your mom on Mother’s Day.


Fifty Shades of Grey - movies you should not watch with your mom
“Because I’m fifty shades of [messed] up, Anastasia.”
What it’s about: Anastasia Steele’s life changes forever when she meets Christian Grey, an elusive and wealthy businessman. He’s a handsome billionaire who doesn’t let anyone get too close… except for Anastasia. He introduces her to the world of BDSM and the two begin a steamy affair, testing the boundaries of pain, pleasure, and love.

Why it doesn’t work: This movie is for Girls Night In with your friends. Clearly, FIFTY SHADES OF GREY falls under movies you should not watch with your mom on Mother’s Day. No matter how open you two may be, it will get a bit awkward when Christian pulls out his riding whip. Not to mention, the film itself isn’t really the best. It’s based on TWILIGHT fan fiction and pretty much shows what happened behind closed doors between Bella and Edward. If you already have a hard time convincing your mom to watch certain movies, this one will definitely ban you from picking any movie for future movie nights.

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Mommie Dearest - movies you should not watch with your mom
“No wire hangers!”

What it’s about: Joan Crawford (played by Faye Dunaway) is rich and glamorous, but incredibly lonely with no family. She adopts two children and everything seems happy in their loving, lavish home. Things take a turn for the worse, however, when Joan starts abusing her daughter, Christina. She starts taking her frustrations out on the girl, becoming more cruel and sadistic as the years pass. Based on Christina’s memoir, it’s a dark film that looks at the ruthless side of a once-great actress.

Why it doesn’t work: This film is about child abuse at the hands of a mother. Therefore, it falls under the category of movies you should not watch with your mom on Mother’s Day. Although Faye Dunaway gives a classic performance and the hanger scene forever remains in our minds, this film doesn’t send a message of love. It’s a dramatic, gut-wrenching look into what can happen within the walls of a home. Your mom will probably spend the entire time wondering why you chose it for movie night on her special day.



Thirteen - movies you should not watch with your mom
“I love you and your brother more than anything in the world. I would die for you, but I won’t leave you alone right now.”

What it’s about: Tracy is a good student who’s very close to her family, but she suffers from depression. Her mom, Melanie, is a single mother and recovering alcoholic with an ex-addict boyfriend. They’re very close, but Melanie is often too preoccupied to notice her daughter’s emotional turmoil. It doesn’t get better for them when Tracy starts hanging out with Evie, the popular girl at school. Tracy soon descends into a world of sex, drugs, and every parent’s worst nightmares. Melanie has to quickly step in before her daughter completely destroys herself.

Why it doesn’t work: Ok, before I completely write this film off, I will say that it’s perfect as a teachable moment. It’s a good film to watch and talk about with your mom, who will most likely have countless life lessons to give you. It’s an emotional, dramatic film with zero moments of happiness. Even the scenes depicting happier times for Melanie and Tracy will just make you sad. It shows the deterioration of a mother-daughter relationship and knocks you down as it progresses. It might make you bond with your mom more, but I suggest watching a happy movie for a happy day. That’s why this is one of those movies you should not watch with your mom on Mother’s Day.

5. Movies you Should not Watch with your Mom include Any Movie from a Genre she doesn’t like

My mom hates horror movies, whereas I absolutely love them. I know I can’t convince her to be my horror buddy, and I don’t want to anyway. Your mom won’t have a good time if you make her watch a movie she has no interest in. Whether it’s the content or the genre, she’ll most likely spend the whole film playing phone games. There’s no point in having a movie night with mom if she’s not going to enjoy herself… especially on a day dedicated to her.

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Mother’s Day is about moms and doing things they love. If you decide to have a movie night with your mom, avoid the films on this list. They’ll either make your quality time together really awkward or just depressing — possibly both, depending on the film. Think about the genre and plot when choosing a movie with your mom. You’ll want something you both enjoy or at least one that she will enjoy. Of course, if you unknowingly end up choosing a bad film, you can make it up to her by buying her favorite snack and giving her the remote.

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