This issue begins pulling together the complicated plot threads woven by the authors. A lovely addition to an already stellar series.
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A Blast from the Past
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The end of the last issue flipped the story of Domino Swift on its head. It ended with us learning that she not only needed the elusive drug, Crush, to survive, but that it gave Domino powers that could transport her through time itself. So, given that this is the first issue of the next arc after this big reveal, the creators Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, and Babs Tarr have a lot of hype to live up to. What they did sheds some light on the mystery behind the world of MOTOR CRUSH, yet keeps readers bound to the edge of their seats yearning to learn more. Hopefully, some of their questions will get answered in MOTOR CRUSH #6.

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MOTOR CRUSH #6 is a Blast From the Past

Oddly enough, MOTOR CRUSH #6 doesn’t address Domino’s three-year jump in time. Instead, it goes back into her past to learn a bit about how Crush itself became widely known. The issue starts with 13-year-old Domino and her father visiting a woman named Juli. While it seems fairly clear that Juli and Domino’s father are rather close, it turns out the main reason the two visit her is to ensure Domino gets her much needed Crush. At this time, the full potential of Crush has yet to be unlocked, and most bike racers do not use it. While times seem peaceful, danger lurks behind every corner. Sully finds himself at odds with a violent gang who wants him to harm his friend, Koichi Vermillion.

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MOTOR CRUSH #6 still leaves a lot of mystery to Domino’s tale. We don’t know why she needs Crush or why she was able to jump through time as she did. It does, however, reveal quite a bit about the world of MOTOR CRUSH. For example, Crush would have never entered into the world of racing without Juli needing to synthesize it for Domino.

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It also shows how far Sully would go for Domino even though they aren’t blood. When he adopted her, he fully committed to raising her as his own. In a way, it felt nice seeing that affirmation of their relationship. On the other hand, for some, this issue may appear disappointing. After such a good cliffhanger from issue five, some fans might wish to race back into the main story. For me, I enjoyed exploring this world more and learning what it had to offer.

The Artistry of Racing

Cameron Stewart did the art for this issue as well as doing the writing. Like with the ones the artist did previously, Stewart knows this world and knows how to bring it to life. The vibrant, dramatic contrast colors add almost a cinematic feel to the environment when a serious encounter occurs. When Sully and Domino cruise down the road, the light purple, pinks, and yellows make the coastal atmosphere seem almost welcoming. MOTOR CRUSH #6 is a very visually appealing world and it’s nice seeing Stewart lean into all the colors and shadows it has to offer.

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This interesting dive into Domino’s past is a must read for fans of the series. We learn more about this world than ever before in a satisfying narrative. While much still needs explaining, I am fully confident that this team will bring this story full circle. For anyone who loves futuristic bike racing, you definitely should pick up a copy of MOTOR CRUSH #6.

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