MOTOR CRUSH #11 by Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, and Babs Tarr
The intrigue gets more and more interesting with every issue as Domino discovers more about herself and this world of racing.
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The fast-paced world of MOTOR CRUSH #11 by Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, and Babs Tarr shows readers that, in order to change the world, you must first win the races. For if Domino Swift wants to protect those she loves, she’s going to need the help of some less-than-friendly bikers. Yet it’s to find out who she is and where she fits into this strange future.

Race into Action With MOTOR CRUSH #11

The story begins with Sonoya Vermillion preparing for her race. In the previous issue, gang members threatened her. They claimed they would ruin the race for everyone if the government did not give them the resources they desire. Fortunately, Domino, with her injured father in hand, rushes onto the track. She had just saved them from the organization-controlling crush, a now-illegal racing substance. Domino just returned from her two-year time skip; the world now knows she’s actually alive and willing to fight for the safety of her friends! Yet while fans of racing cheer for Domino’s return, the true conspiracy behind crush still lingers as she desperately tries to find out who she is.

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A lot of threads get tied up within this issue. While Domino has the drama with her ex-girlfriend going on, she finds out that her former mother figure was alive for years as a creator of crush this whole time. Meanwhile, she also learns that she’s just a girl who can run fast when she takes crush. It’s all a lot to take in. Yet all of these threads manage to culminate in the racing scene. It really hits home how important racing is to this future — how people’s lives are either made or lost by simply participating in these events.

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Following Many Tracks at Once

Although MOTOR CRUSH #11 manages to tie up a lot of loose ends, all of the parallel story lines do sort of rush together at the end. The creative team behind this series does such a good job at getting readers invested in this strange, futuristic world. However, sometimes this causes the plot to get lost in the shuffle. One moment readers are deep in the heart of a mysterious bunker trying to find more crush; the next they’re on the race track. For some, this issue will feel like a rushed conclusion to an already complex story.

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Yet the intrigue only goes deeper with every issue. At the end of the story, there’s a wonderful panel that opens up a world of possibilities as to who Domino truly is.  This revelation will make readers more inclined towards conspiracies jump for joy as the intrigue of the series grows and grows. In a way, the issue reads like an episode of SPEED RACER. The races act as the main defining moment of the work while the conspiracy surrounding the racing remains prominent.

Neon Lights: A Sure Sign of a Race Track

Continuing this SPEED RACER comparison, Babs Tarr utilizes fantastic neons to represent the racing that appears reminiscent of Witchowski’s adaption of SPEED RACER. This is a futuristic racing world after all; might as well add some color to it. Even in the haze of racing, the reader knows which character is which by the color of their bikes or outfit. It really helps keep the action going when the artists choose not to depict scenes as clearly as possible. It also keeps to a nice color motif of pink. Domino consumes the pink substance of crush, and she also tends to be depicted as having pink helmet screens. Plus, her ex-girlfriend has bright pink hair. A small observation, but an interesting one nonetheless.

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MOTOR CRUSH #11 is a whirl-wind of a tale, with racing, gangsters, and finding out who people truly are. It quickly ties up many stray plot points that the previous issues built upon. Though it does appear a bit convoluted at times, the issue perfectly manages to balance intrigue with a wonderful sci-fi based racing story.

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